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Feb 3, 2012 05:12 PM

Visiting DC March 15-18


My friend and I will be visiting DC March 15-18 and I was hoping you could suggest some must try places in DC (accessible via subway). We will be staying downtown and both of us are HUGE FOODIES and enjoy experimental cuisine (creative food), I have a special love for thai food but basically we both would be happy with any place that has really good food and a fun ambiance...I have heard DC has fantastic eateries and I can not wait t try them- any help would be most appreciated!!!

  1. Can you be more specific about likes and dislikes?

    Some of my favorites in DC are Rasika (indian) Dino (italian). Minibar is very experimental but very very hard to get into.

    My favorite two thai reseraunts are out in the burbs but are metro accessible: Ruan Thai and Nava Thai, both up in Wheaton MD

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