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Feb 3, 2012 03:52 PM

Kula Revolving Sushi: J-Town

Understanding that this is NOT going to be the same experience as Shibucho, or even Gen (and that I've actually had perfectly wonderful conveyor belt sushi, but only in Tokyo)

how is it? Better than Ralphs' pre-made? Better than Todai? Better than Frying Fish? As good as Noshi?

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  1. My wife went this week for lunch and reported back that all plates are $2.00 and the sushi was good...given the price. It's already pretty crowded. Seems like the most you could lose is $15.00 or so if you go and it doesn't pan out.

    Since it's a fixed price, some plates only have one piece. She's fine with Whole Foods sushi for lunch, but generally complains about quality below that. It sounded like her experience was better than pre-made and Todai.

    Sorry I don't have more to add.

    1. OK, better than I thought it might be, though nothing earth-shattering. Place only seats about 30, and they presently, at least last night, had eight or nine visible chefs, waitresses, bus-people. About a half-hour wait, at a time when Frying Fish, about 25 yards away, had empty chairs.

      Sushi pretty good, though the eel was cut raggedly, the hand-rolls (special request, but still $2) not anything like neatly done' (sorta slapped together) and I suspect, from the pretty crayon-box red of the tuna, that it was gassed. Still, for $2? Better than Todai, better than some other places.

      1. FWIW, a Kula is being built at the site of the defunct Gardena Ramen...

        Gardena Ramen (CLOSED)
        1840 W 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504