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Feb 3, 2012 03:24 PM

What goes good with chili?

I am making chili tonight and I would like to know what goes good with chili..

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    1. re: pikawicca

      Cornbread is fantastic with chili.

      Im also a fan of the classics. Hot dogs, saltines, or fritos!

      1. re: twyst

        Fritos sounds good.:) Thanks.:)

        1. re: ocalagal50

          Frito pie is how i eat chili most of the time....
          unless with cornbread...
          or the cincinatti style....over pasta

            1. re: srsone

              Spaghetti for me, too! With diced onions and cheese, whatever I have on hand. It was Havarti a couple of days ago.

            1. re: hetook

              Yep, plain boiled rice, to set off the zing of the Chilli.

              Jasmine if you like, I go for Basmatti, and a small tomato salad.

              1. re: Naguere

                yeah, Jasmine or basmati brings out the cumin in the chili. I like chopped scallions and cilantro on top also.

            2. I've not done this in years, but my favorite guilty pleasure used to be to put two well-dressed hard tacos - the gringo Taco-Bell variety - into a bowl and pour chili over it. It was an old dude from Texas who showed us that; I later found out that it was his adaptation of a way to eat stacked enchiladas, which is even better. Cheese quesadillas is good, too, and easier - the important elements are cheese, crisp-fried corn tortillas, and maybe chopped onion. Probably a little more trouble than you'd care to undertake. In a pinch I'd just go with a big handful of shredded cheese and another of Fritos!