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Feb 3, 2012 02:14 PM

Charlotte Area CSA's

Looking to join a CSA this year, does anyone know of any with pickup places in Charlotte?

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  1. We joined Poplar Ridge Farm in Waxhaw last summer: They had several drop-off points, mainly in south Charlotte (Myers Park, Dilworth, SouthPark, Ballantyne, maybe Plaza-Midwood?). We split a membership with another family, so we got a box every other week. Although we enjoyed the experiment, we won't be joining again - it was quite expensive for our family and consisted mostly of things I wouldn't ordinarily buy, so I was still doing our regular weekly produce purchase at the grocery store. And SO MANY greens... we are not big fans. We could also get eggs (which were PHENOMENAL), some cheeses, bread and chicken.

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      Thanks! Do you mind answering how much you paid for a half share?

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        It was $438 for 12 weeks, or $36.50 per delivery (full share of 24 weeks was $876). This was for produce only, not the eggs, cheese, bread or chicken, and the season ran mid-May to mid-October.

    2. What part of Charlotte are you in? One suggestion is one of the CSA's at Atherton Market. It would get you in the CSA and then allow you to pick up any extra's or other items from other farmers to fill needs the CSA might not have for that period.

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      1. I second the Atherton Market, and of course the Matthews Farmer's market. I have been only once, and the place definitely has some work to do, but the 7th Street Market will have local produce.

        Sad to say, but I too was a Poplar Ridge Farm CSA shareholder for two summers. I don't ever want to see another head of bok choy! I much prefer shopping at the markets and buying what I want to eat

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          Thanks so much. Y'all's comments are making me hesitant now to join a CSA. How many different varieties of vegetables did you get over the course of the season? Sounds like not very many....

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            We have not done a CSA for several years, and each one will have slightly different things. You get what mother nature wants you to have and as they come into season so yes there are could be spouts of greens part of the year and chance of tomatoes over load other times. CSA's are great as its all fresh, you have to be willing to take what is in season. For us it taught us to try new recipes. My suggestion for Atherton or farmers market for pick up allows you to supplement as needed.

        2. I have done Poplar Ridge and Know Your Farms. What I am doing now, is ordering from this site:

          This is a project of Foothills Connect, a nonprofit to encourage economic development in Rutherford county. You just "join" by registering on the site. No membership fees, you order what you want. During the winter, deliveries are every other week; during the summer, every week. The variety is outstanding. There are meat, eggs and cheese as well as veggies and fruit. This program has made a huge difference to some very small farms in Rutherford county. The prices are generally pretty reasonable, and the quality is high. I am much happier with this than the other CSAs I have tried.

          I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about how it all works.

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            And here is a link to a previous post of mine about the program, with some more specifics about what I bought:

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              Would love to split with another family