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Feb 3, 2012 01:57 PM

Where can one find Queso Chihuahua in the greater D.C. area?

After spending four hours driving to eleven specialty mercados I am at a loss. Does anyone know where I can buy queso chihuahua in the greater DC Metro area?

I would like to make queso fundido for a super bowl party and am getting desperate.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

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  1. I'm not sure what Queso Chihuahua is, but have you tried Bestway, Grand Mart, or El Eden in Alexandria?

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    1. re: tommyskitchen

      I hit Grand Mart and El Eden without success. I am headed to Bestway tomorrow morning and will be sure to post if successful.

      In case you are curious, Queso Chihuahua is the primary ingredient in queso fundido, which is pretty much the best thing in the world. Yes, I put two pounds on just typing it, but it is so worth it.

      The best I have had in D.C. is at Oyemal. The Washingtonian was nice enough to even publish the recipe.

      Only problem? I cannot find the darn cheese!

      1. re: cem7k

        maybe try the delicious market on 14th across from quincy NW? i know they have some mexican and el salvadorian cheeses.

    2. I think the beltway in takoma park on piney branch carries it

      1. Shopper's in Alexandria on Route 1 has a lot of Mexican/Salvadoran cheeses in the cooler near the other foods. I seem to remember about 15 kinds. Also, I just bought some cheese this evening at Eastern Market in DC that was labeled "Queso Quesadilla" which is supposedly a good melting cheese from the butcher across from the organic chicken stand (indoors). They had several other Mexican cheeses, but all had pretty generic names.

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        1. re: sarichardson

          Try Pan Am Supermarket in Takoma Park

          1. re: sarichardson

            I tried Eastern Market to no avail. As a back-up I did buy the queso quesadilla. I know it scraps making queso fundido, but at least it will still taste good.

          2. Have you tried looking for an alternate name for it? Or will you know it when you see it no matter what it's called? "Queso Chihuahua" just sounds like such a generic name.

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            1. re: MikeR

              Yes, I think you're right about the alternate names. Pick up any Mexican/Mexican-style cheese that is good for melting and you should be in pretty good shape for queso fundido. In fact, I may use my Queso Quesadilla from Eastern Market for your recipe (butcher also has Mexican chorizo) instead of nachos.

              1. re: sarichardson

                I am afraid that I have searched far and wide for substitutes, but all the research basically said that if you want to make good really queso fundido, you need the real thing. So I am off to Bestway with my fingers crossed knowing that if it does not come through it will be quesadilla's at tonight's party instead of what was originally planned.

                1. re: cem7k

                  Queso Oaxaca works for this-this is what you want. Queso quesadilla will work and also pupusa cheeses like quesillo or queso enredo just in case you cannot find any MX cheese. I have never seen queso chihuahua but queso oaxaca and asadero (melty but doesn't melt quite as nicely but will work if you can find it) are normal at our grocery stores in Texas where I am from, don't even have to go to a MX market, but here in NOVA MX products are so hard to find but there is an abundance of Central American products.

            2. Here is a thread from the L.A. Chowhound Board which leads me to believe that you are unlikely to find anything labeled as such here:


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              1. re: Steve

                I am afraid you are correct. The Bestway in Alexandria did not have it either.

                If anyone every actually finds it, please be kind enough to post the location.