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Feb 3, 2012 01:39 PM

Best Pho nearest Golden (or Denver)?

In town visiting and have craving for a good bowl of pho. Who has the best in the area?

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  1. Pho Duy at 945 S. Federal, Pho Duy at 120th and Main in Broomfield or New Saigon near Federal and Alameda.

    1. Have you tried Pho Golden on Old Golden Road in the shopping center with King Soopers? I love Pho Duy, just like Stragewine, but Pho Golden is good and doesn't involve the traffic on Federal. I also had a killer Vietnamese Noodle Bowl at Pho Golden. If you decide to go to Federal, Pho Duy only serves pho. New Saigon serves an extensive Vietnamese menu and has a little more "atomosphere", if you can call it that, than Pho Duy. Pho Duy is good, cheap, and fast but definitely not a place to linger over a leisurely dinner.

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        I agree with Mimi... the strip on Federal that houses Pho Duy (and is also home to J's Noodles and Lao Wang Noodle House) is home to some of the best Asian fare in Denver but none of them have much in the way of atmosphere.

        I haven't been to New Saigon since the remodel but it looks like things are getting even better in regards to their atmosphere. It looks like they've added a bakery as well.

        Da Lat across the street from Pho Duy on Federal also offers good Pho and just down the road is the awesome Ba Le Sandwiches home to Denver's best Banh Mi.

        The Pho Duy in Broomfield is a little better for atmosphere and offers an amazing Bun Dach Biet in addition to good Pho.

        1. re: Strangewine

          bakers palace has better banh mi than ba le (way better) and pho 95 is the best pho on south fed.