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Nothing Bundt Cakes?

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Has anyone tried the (fairly) new Nothing Bundt Cakes in the Hazard Center shopping center; the one on the North side of Friars Rd. and Hazard Center Dr.?

I do like bundt cakes and I do like that they sell small ones, so I'm wondering how good or not they are?

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  1. They also have a location in Flower Hill in Del Mar. I've tried several cakes at various parties and they were good, but nothing spectacular. However, they are a nice break from the usual Costco faire.

    1. Why are they called Nothing? Is it supposed to be a play on "Nothing But?"

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        That was pretty much my guess

      2. They have had a location for 4 or 5 years in the Scripps Ranch / Poway area at the intersection of Pomerado and Scripps Poway Parkway. I’ve had their cakes numerous times. Always a big hit at work. The small ones are nice!

        I’ve never personally been in the store so I don’t know if the cakes are baked onsite. I think that location was the second store for the company after the original in Vegas after they started franchising.

        1. I just had some red velvet cake this morning from them (someone's birthday at work), and it was pretty yummy. They are usually consistently good - I have had multiple mini-cakes from them in different flavors, and they've always been moist and rich.

          1. I've had them a few times and they're quite good. The red velvet was yummy. I can't remember all the flavors I've had, but recall them being decently tasty.

            1. Is this a franchise...we had one over NYE up at the cabin that was an incredible bundt cake from 'Nothing Bundt Cakes' out of Scottsdale..chocolate and it was the hit of the party..$30+

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                Franchise? Yes. They're all over the place.


              2. I've had the minis from the Scripps Ranch location several times and all good, always moist. The chocolate chip, pecan praline and lemon were our favorites, I'm not a red velvet fan, but that seems to be popular. I don't think they're made on location. Frequently see discount coupons in community flyers and email.

                1. Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be headed to Mission Valley shortly to see what I can pick up for the Super Bowl manaña :-). Hoping they have the lemon bundt in the mini size.

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                    I got an email about a Super Bowl special they're having thru tomorrow: $10 off a "Sweet Victory" cake. 10" bundt with a Pats or Giants team colors decoration on top. Looks like a paper flower or pom pom, cute. Doesn't say if it's any flavor you want, but you need to print and bring in the offer. I can forward it to you if you want to provide your email.

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                      Thanks Island. I stopped by the store in MV this afternoon and picked up a couple of mini-bundts before you posted this. They had a small display with the Super Bowl cakes.

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        How were they and whatcha get?

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                          They were a delightful excuse to eat cream cheese icing :-). I got 2 of their bundtlets. One was chocolate chocolate chip (good) and te other was lemon (REALLY good)

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                            We had the chocolate bundt from the Scottsdale location...there were no choc chips and it was so delicious..maybe it was a holiday thing.
                            Lemon sounds fab..how much were the bundtlets?

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                              $4.95, which I thought was a pretty good price for the size and quality of them. It's big enough to either split with someone else, or splurge on just for yourself