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Feb 3, 2012 01:02 PM

What if you are the "uninvited guest"?

Gee, I just saw the post about "Ways to refuse univited guests"... What do you do if you ARE the uninvited guest?

Here's the situation: For the last several years DH and I have attended a Super Bowl party given by people we would describe as pretty good friends, but we're not part of their "inner circle". We are generally invited to things like their annual Christmas party, but not to their smaller dinner parties. We're all fine with that situation. This year, we did not receive an invitation to their Super Bowl party, which is fine. Their guest list is up to them and we figured maybe they were having a smaller group this year.

But earlier in the week we were at my sister's for dinner. She and her DH are much closer to the folk having the Super Bowl party and they are going, as are some other mutual friends. My sister checked the email invite, and we are not on it. Again, fine, we can make other plans for Sunday. Then my sister decides to call the hostess about whether we were intentionally left off the guest list or was it an oversight? It appears they wanted a smaller party, so no oversight. But during the conversation, the hostess says it would be ok for us to come. My sister relays this to me. But, having not heard anything directly from the hostess to me, I am still not comfortable going.

Then yesterday evening (Thursday), I received an email from the hostess saying DH and I are welcome to come to the party Sunday. So now I am torn. Since she reached out to us, should we go? Or send a response saying we appreciate the invite, but cannot attend. Either was feels rather awkward!


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  1. I think you just say "We appreciate it, but we've got other plans." Nothing awkward about it. I'd be uncomfortable going, for myself.

    1. I would never go! Hate to say it but you were B-listed!

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      1. re: southernitalian

        Not even B-listed for this one! We only got the invite because my sister contacted the hostess.

        I did get B-listed for a wedding a number of years ago. Family friend. Parents and two sisters got invitations... A few weeks later, my brother and I got invitations! We all went anyway and had a great time!

      2. Wow, very awkward indeed. I wouldn't feel comfortable going. I think your plan of saying you appreciate the invitation but are not able to attend is perfect. It is very gracious on your part and lets you off the hook for an awkward party..

        1. Don't go unless you really, really wanted to go in the first place (sounds like you didn't). And tell your sister to mind her business. I'm sure she had good intentions, but she made you feel awkward and put an unnecessary burden on the hostess.

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          1. re: babette feasts

            And tell your sister to mind her business.

            My thoughts exactly!

            1. re: al b. darned

              agree. don't get in the middle. i wasn't the uninvited guest, but chose to decline an invitation once because i had already planned to spend that time with someone else, and the host was not able to accommodate an extra guest. Friends 'intervened' and i was asked to bring my guest. It all worked out in the end, but not going would not have been a lot simpler.

          2. Would honesty be too awkward or would it cause unneccesary drama?
            "We understand that you wanted a smaller party this year and we have made other arrangements. I'm sorry if my sister made this akward for you."

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            1. re: viperlush

              Thanks all for the input! We'd have been happy to go if we'd been invited (as in previous years). Then thought maybe we should go since hostess did actually send late invite... But think she felt pressured to do so. (Would she be miffed if we said no after she finally sent the invite?)

              Talked to DH again and sent a reply thanking her for the gracious invite but that we couldn't make it. Apologized for any awkwardness caused by sister calling her and said we look forward to seeing her and her DH at next event. (We're all part of a larger group that gets together periodically so we'll probably see them next month.)

              I have to say I feel better now.

              1. re: bjd001

                Good response...handled perfectly. Very gracious of you to recognize that this might have been an invitation under duress per se and to have responded in this way.

                1. re: bjd001

                  Your response saves everybody's feelings, and also increases the chances that you'll be invited in the future. Well done!

                  1. re: ricepad

                    yep, you acted with grace and elegance!

                  2. re: bjd001

                    "All's well that ends well " - William Shakespeare
                    "the unbidden guest is often welcomest when he is gone" - William Shakespeare