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Feb 3, 2012 11:55 AM

Tomato Macaroni Soup - Greasy spoon style - need recipe!

Every once in a while I get a craving for a bowl of tomato macaroni soup. I usually always get it at a local diner or cafeteria when It's around. Tried making it at home several times, it turns out tasty, but never can get the same result as a restaurant. Not sure what I am missing. Sometimes I have made it with V8 juice, sometimes with canned tomatoes, or tomatoe sauce. I like it spicy, so will add some tabasco sauce as well. Does anyone know a good recipe? Usual ingredients would include celery, onion, carrot, but not able to nail down the base!

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  1. I'd say to start with a beef bone, about the size of your fist,
    Put it into a stock pot with about 4q of water, bring to simmer.
    Let it go until it reduces to about 2/3. Add a quart of tomato juice, taste. Add more juice to taste. Add about 1/2 handful of dehydrated vegetables, simmer until soft.
    Add noodles, cook until done, adjust salt.
    There you are.
    Better the next day.

    1. I like porker's idea of making a quick beef stock, but I would take it a step further and just use all fresh ingredients for the base. Doesn't have to be complicated, in fact usually the simpler the better. Sautee some onions and garlic, add chopped tomatoes and a little bit of tomato juice and/or beef stock. Simmer it on low for about half an hour and them blend it. Season with basil, oregeno, chilli flakes, tabasco and worchestershire.

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        I agree, the simpler the better.

        Theres likely going to be many suggestions and they'll all be good. Probably a better flavor profile than mine with rich, hearty broth. I'm all for this. In fact, I especially like the flavor of fresh onion in this type of soup. Chiffonade basil would add a whole layer of sunshine to this soup!


        I think a true greasy spoon recipe is really bare-bones.

        Think dish water boiled with tomato peelings, salt, and last weeks pre-cooked macaroni thrown in. While you're at it, drizzle in some left-over pan grease to simulate a true, from-scratch broth.

        OK, not quite that bad, but a watery base, simple seasoning, and a small amount of overdone noodles. Just what the hang-over doctor ordered!

        1. re: porker

          Greasy spoon soup does seem pretty simple... maybe I will try the beef bone idea. Can't recal if I used beef stock before in it, I think I did. I will give it a go later today. Thanks all for the suggestions.

      2. This might get you close to what you're after:

        The msg from the scant amount of onion soup mix, together with the beef broth, might give the flavor you've been missing.