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Feb 3, 2012 11:23 AM

Columbia area biz dinner and fun dinner in Balt/DC area

Hello, I am putting together a business dinner for 6 in the Columbia area. Any recommendations for a good restaurant? Non-chain with great food. Doesn't need to be too stiff. Also, I have next night free. Looking for a fun and great food restaurant in Balt/DC area. Any crab shack places to visit?


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  1. Victoria Gastropub in Columbia,, should fit your needs.

    1. Bill's Terrace Inn in Baltimore for that 'only in Bawlmer' feeling. Crabs. Call first.

      1. Victoria Gastro Pub is a great suggestion from Nick above -- great beer, great burgers, a menu of interesting food that should please most people.

        Some other variations if you want to look around at menus --

        Stanford Grill -- a similar feel to Victoria. It's actually owned by a small chain, but it will have service, big menu, etc. that would be good for a lot of people. Get directions. It isn't obvious how to drive there.

        Iron Bridge Wine Co. -- Great if your client is into wine. Tables are a bit closer, but the food and wine are delicious.

        Sushi Sono -- A tighter dining room like Iron Bridge, but amazing sushi. If your clients would like rolls, sashimi and Japanese specialties, then it's terrific food.

        1. Other options - Aida if you want Italian; they have a separate room for private events (although you won't need it for six people!). Also, if you want something quiet and higher-end, Elkridge Furnace Inn.