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Feb 3, 2012 11:20 AM

Beautiful, Romantic Downtowner with great food?

My wife and I will be celebrating a BIG birthday for her and will be staying in a downstown hotel. Although we have visited Minneapolis many times (our kids and grandkids live here), about the only somewhat high end restaurant we have been to is Saffron, which we both really enjoyed. I am looking for a really romantic, beautiful place to take her and La Belle Vie looks like about the only choice. We are very adventuresome , not at all just meat and potato eaters, and are real foodies. A place with a chef's table or something like that might also be great. Any suggestions other than LBV?

Also, any suggestions as to a hotel? Looking for something really neat downtown, but can't spend a fortune.

Thanks in advance, Chowhounds!

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  1. Check out the Nicollet Island Inn, this place might suit your needs for some place romantic (dinner and hotel). It's been a number of years since i have been there personally, so I would double check some more recent reviews to make sure the quality is where it use to be (never know as years pass)...

    1. Nicollet Island Inn would be a romantic place to stay. The food is nothing special, though the ambiance is very nice.

      I think the eating in the lounge at LBV is the best and most romantic seat in town. It is a stunningly beautiful room, and you can order off the lounge menu and/or the main room menu. The half-moon booths in the back are the tops -- try and reserve one in advance. Their wine-list is excellent, but a little pricey for most folks. But they have corkage! Go to Surdyk's, buy a bottle of 2002 Chartogne-Taillet "Fiacre" Champagne, and bring it with for your dinner.

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        I second the lounge and the booths in back. Also, their lounge tasting menu is $40.