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Feb 3, 2012 11:15 AM

Paris salons de thé open in the morning

Greetings. I know that some good pastry shops, such as Dalloyau and Laduree, have tables, chairs and coffee machines. Many, however, do not. Could someone name a few in central Paris where we could have an excellent breakfast? Many thanks.

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  1. Do you mean you only want tea?
    And what is the content of an excellent breakfast for you?

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      No, coffee and pastries. And an excellent breakfast, for us, is excellent pastry - which can be viennoiserie or fancy pastry.


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        Thanks for the explanation.
        I asked because (1) salons de thé are usually more an afternoon genre, and (2) the board had also had requests in the past for a "good breakfast" that meant sausage and eggs.

        Gérard Mulot on 76 rue de seine has one tiny table where coffee can be served. The pastries are some of the best in Paris, but there is no atmosphere or service to speak of, and the table was too small for even thin people. You are marginally more comfortable than standing up.

        A word on the service: The staff is nice but inept. A very nice young man patiently explained every pastry to me, pointing with his white gloved hand. After I made my choice, he peeled off his glove and served me with his bare hand, LOL. I don't mind the bare hand so much. Was just mystified by the white-glove protocol…

        Kooka Boora has great coffee and muffin-type patsries. Very nice atmosphere in nice area.

        In general, if you can find good coffee, the pastries there won't be shabby. It is like the caves à mangers run by good vintners. They are all good. Logically good vintners can't but can't bear to eat badly.
        Here are a few very good cafés.

        Bundle up this weekend which will be snowy…

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            Gontran Cherrier too, on 22 rue Caulaincourt, has tables and chairs. Did not notice whether it has a coffee machine.


      I enjoy Cafe Charlot in the Marais. It serves very nice breakfasts, including pastries. Very fashionable.

      1. Not the best but certainly not the poorest either, Boulangerie Paul has outlets all over town, many/most with tables and chairs. The one on the corner of Buce and Seine in the 6th is particularly civilized, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

        1. The Dalloyau at Place E Rostrand at St Michel entrance to Jardins Luxembourg has an entire dining room upstairs. Had fine breakfast there many times. Laduree on Rue Royale has a large dining area next to their retail shop. Angelina on Rue Rivoli does as well. If price is no object, Hotel Bristol does a great breakfast as well.

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            Coutume Café 47 Rue de Babylone (in the 7th) Great real. Italian expresso. Brunch on sat and Sunday at 11:00. Good pastry brought in from various excellent pastiseries. Tuesday to Friday : 8am to 7pm Saturday to Sunday : 10am to 7pm

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              and also supposedly some of the best coffee in the city.

          2. I like the atmosphere and the pastries at Carette at Trocadero very much, and expect the one at Place de Vosges to be good too.
            If you are only looking for breakfast after 10 or a mid-morning break, Sadaharu Aoki's branches on Segur and Port Royale provide seating, and the matcha croissant is divine.

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