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Feb 3, 2012 10:39 AM

ex Jersey girl looking for a restaurant (not sub shop) that has NJ food or NJ chef

We want to enjoy a NJ-themed dinner before the Springsteen concert. Anyone know of a good restaurant with a NJ expat chef? Or maybe an authentic NJ style southern Italian restaurant? I guess there is Matteos, but *yawn*. No to Dinah's. No subshops, we want a real restaurant - fine dining. Ideas? Location needs to be on the West Side or not that far from the sports arena.

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    As close as I could find...unfortunately it's a Deli but you could always get the food and eat elsewhere...

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        Oh - sal's brother's place - good idea! ty

    1. Vito's. Yeah, we know it's one of best slices in town however, proud Garden Stater Vito DiDonato also makes a killer baked ziti and other pasta and red sauce combos.

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      1. the chef at Craft is from NJ.

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        1. Since you said fine dining, there's Peppones in Brentwood, off Barrington, near Sunset,

          There is no typical NJ style Italian restaurant in the LA area.