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Feb 3, 2012 10:21 AM

Chinese roast pork on garlic bread

Many years ago in the Catskills a 2AM treat, (and we had to stand in line) was thinly sliced chinese roast pork, served on a garlic hero. The sandwich was made famous at a restaurant in Loch Sheldrake NY, and then appeared at restaurants all through the metro NY area.

Does anyone know where this sandwich is still being served?

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  1. I see it a lot on some diner menus...another idea is to go to any Chinese takeout and get an order of sliced Roast Pork..... get some good soft hero rolls....butter /garlic spread, toaster oven grill and Voila! also good with some duck sauce too.

    1. Were this the 1960's, I would say "The Flagship Diner" in Briarwood Queens.

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        1960s Brooklyn Irvings on 86th/21st Ave street Bensonhurst Chinese Roast pork was always on the menu I remember it $1.25 w/

      2. -) I serve it at home. Remember it from I believe, Herbie's, in Loch Sheldrake down the road from Brown's and the Evans hotels. Just buy a large order of thinly sliced roast pork from a Chinese take-out (usually in the appetizer section), buy a prepared ready-to-heat long garlic baguette at the supermarket. You can toss the pork with either/both/none of duck sauce and chinese mustard... Put it all together and enjoy. You'll be in Loch Sheldrake again eating in the hotel card room.

        1. Loch Sheldrake? Isn't that where Baby filled in for Penny and danced with Johnny. Down the road from Kellerman's?
          Granted its been awhile (like this post), what was it, 1963?

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            I don't think Kellerman's was in Loch Sheldrake (although I seem to remember something about the old couple stealing wallets from a hotel in Loch Sheldrake). Doesn't make a difference though. It was a nice little town - ice cream shop called "the Beachcomber"... the Sakofsky Pharmacy... a gas station that had a soda machine that dispensed small glass bottles of Coke for 10 cents up until the 1970's!

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                The restaurant was indeed Herbie's in Lock Sheldrake

                ...and it was also served in their branch on Flatlands Ave, B'klyn.

                After catching the late show at a hotel, we'd drive to Hervies, and yes, stand in line at 2 AM.

                I've yet to find a restaurant in NJ that does the sandwich justice.

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                  You can easily make it. It'll bring back fond memories.