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New Miami Beach info

I know there's a lot of Miami posts. Just looking for current information for when I'll be traveling in March. I'll post my questions here as I do my research.

1. Has anyone tried the new House of Dog restaurant? Looks good! What did it take the place of?

2. For Friday night I think I'm going to eat at Rare Steakhouse, but is anything open for Saturday other than Tower on the Bay (formerly Tower 41)?

3. Anywhere new to try out? I know it's not new but Thai Treat is getting a visit - we love that place. We haven't gone over the restaurants on Aventura yet so we may venture out there as well.


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  1. I recommend the Grill time (163rd & US1)lunch menu (till 4;30pm)

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      LOVE Grill Time. If you are planning to go at night, a reservation is definitely recommended

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        I ate at Rare on Wednesday night, which was exccellent.

    2. my parents are in miami this week and visit a new place every day. So far, they really loved Grill Time - they go there every time they are in town and said that this was the best yet, both service and food-wise. The other two places they visited were in Aventura, there is a new'ish morroccan restaurant at the Waterways plaza, which they absolutely loved (I think it's at the same location as Pita Hut) used to be. They also went to Gigi's for lunch and said it was ok, but not as great as they remembered. They just flew in Wednesday night - if you would like, I can update posts once I get more info:)
      Enjoy your visit - we LOVE miami:)

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        Thank you for your help. I still need help with what is available on Saturday.

      2. Two places that are worth mentioning are Harbour Grill and Cine Citta. Both in surfside. Been there a few times and loved it. On a similar note, is there any recent information on China Bistro? Last time I was there the place was not nearly as good as it use too... I am willing to admit that they have the right. To have bumps every now and then. Any recent info is appreciated

        1. House of dog is pretty good. I had the Clint Eastwood and it was like a Mexican chili dog. Really great. It took over a spot where there wasn't a kosher place before. right on 41st street. It's right near where the chocolate shop is, sort of set back s little from the street. It's a small space with not a ton of seating but it's very cute. They have a pretty good selection of beer but unfortunately nothing on tap.

          1. Hey all- will be in miami for a couple nights.. I am debating whether the one night i go out to eat should be to cine citta grill or instead to harbour grill..any advice would be greatly appreciated!

            1. I hope I'm not being too much of a nudge by bumping this thread. Still looking for what's available for Saturday lunch.

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                    Singingfoodie, I hope you'll come back and let us know what was good.

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                      I just checked with Europa Grill in the Days Inn, you can google them for the phone number, they are doing shabbos meals, 50 for Fri night, 45 for shabbos lunch, 90 if you take both meals, 10 more if you want sholosh seudos. Pls let me know how the food is. The menu for Fri night is fish, soup w/ matzo balls, choice of veal,flanken, brisket chicken or salmon, apple strudel for dessert. Shabbbos lunch is salads, chopped liver, chulent, chicken, deli, kugel. Enjoy. The owner's name is Michael Rapp.

                    2. Ate at China Bistro. A mistake. It is in the Waterways Shopping Plaza, Which has a cetrain charm because there are 4 or 5 kosher places, families, couples, kids sitting at tables in the outdoor plaza, very casual and heimish.

                      I had a very good meal here a few years ago and expected the same. Instead they served the usual , low-end Chinese kosher food. Steamed dumplings with tough pasta. over-sweet, over-salted, and over oiled food.

                      Terrible service. I really need to work harder at picking restaurants for the rest of the trip.

                      (We will certainly get to Rare, I just hope my memory of it is accurate. Had a pretentious but mediocre meal at Grill Time the sole time I was there. Not eager to go back. Hoping for advice on where else to dine. Especially Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Aventura area.

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                        I never liked China Bistro. Everything always tasted the same, no matter what was ordered.

                        Definitely try Pita Plus. Not fancy, but fantastic falafel. We also like the grilled chicken sandwich.

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                          AdinaA, here are my suggestions:

                          Miami Beach:
                          House of Dog - just for the novelty of it
                          Rare (though beware if it is crowded)

                          Cine Citta - dairy - probably the best kosher brick oven pizza
                          Harbour Grill - much smaller than Rare, but as good, if not better depending on the day

                          N. Miami Beach - Grill Time is probably the best value of the nicer places. Good food with good selection of free dips. Be prepared since it gets very crowded and noisy

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                            I don't care for Grill Time. It's always crowded and noisy and the service is awful. The waiters basically put your food on the table and only come back with the check. Dips are always oily or full of mayo. And I don't like the way they serve their side dishes- everything placed on the table

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                            Ate t China Bistro last week as well. All food was uniformly awful, with the exception of the soothing lettuce, which we enjoyed. Everything else was rolled in salt.

                            The waitstaff was rude, got our order wrong and lied about it. Guess that's why they automatically add the tip.

                            It was our first time back in years, and we won't be going again anytime soon.

                            On the other hand, Gigi's(also at the waterways) was a polar opposite. Food was good as was the service. It was enjoyed by all in our eclectic party.

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                              Gigi's is a very pleasant experience, I do like dining outdoors at the Waterways Mall. I stopped by for a quick sandwich. Ordered three cheeses on a baguette. The baguette was fresh, but not quite a baguette. (A bagel from the bagel place at Waterways was fresh, but not quite a bagel - no chew) The three kinds of cheese melted inside were not supposed to include American, but did, and none was one of the better cheeses now available under reliable supervision. It was nice to get out of the meeting hotel and eat in the sunshine, but the food was pricey and pedestrian.

                          3. Just saw this advertised in TV Vues-
                            Thought it may help anyone looking for prepaid Shabbat meals

                            Mikes bistro Steakhouse and Grill
                            43ed st and Collins
                            Located at the Days Inn down the block form FontanBleu hotel
                            Circle K certification
                            Chinese menu available
                            Reserve for Shabbat meals

                            1. Does Miami perhaps not have any restaurants worth talking about for a foodie?

                              I am going to Rare tonight, and I remember it as being chow-worthy. Is it the only place in the area that is? I'm not a snob, I can love a great sandwhich shop or a small ethnic place) but last night at Cine Citta has pretty much persuaded me that I had vastly overrated the quality of the restaurant scene in South Florida.

                              We went to the meat Cine Citta. Perhaps we should have walked out after discovering that they can't even be bothered to fix or clean the toilets. (borken flusher, broken soap dispenser, non functional door lock) This place has pretentious. A pretentious menu in Italian. Pretentious prices.

                              The owner himself took our order. Shared a starter of crepes stuffed with veal in a mushroom veal sauce. Beautiful presentation. The crepes were excellent, stuffed with minced veal, a nice touch, mincing is rare , ground meat dominates usually. But the sauce was a plain brown gravy with very little flavor.

                              A breast of veal stuffed with artichokes and accompanied by risotto was good, a flavorful mushroom sauce. It was the special.

                              When my husband ordered veal Milanese and the owner responded "so, one stuffed veal and one veal schnitzel, since when was Wednesday veal night?" we probably should have switched the order. a plain piece of veal in a crunchy breading arrives. Nothing Milanese about it.

                              Disappointing. Very disappointing.

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                                I ate at Rare in February and loved it. I reviewed it here. I think one of the places in Surfside is chow-worthy but can't remember the name. The dairy place in Galt Ocean area of Ft Laud was chow-worthy but it closed.

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                                    Rare is a very good steakhouse. The steak was perfect. Other dishes less so. A pulled beef appetizer was dull. An appetizer of tilapia sticks was crisply breaded and served in a orange marmalade-like sauce that was nice if a tad sweet. Grilled tuna main course, the fish was perfect but the Asian rice with ginger and scallions with shredded Asian vegetables were dull, I couldn't find a hint of ginger or scallions. The service in a half empty restaurant was eager and aggressive, bus boys hovering and reaching for plates we had not finished with. It made the meal seem rushed.

                                    All of this made me reflect on how hard it is to run a truly good restaurant. One that makes you feel comfortable with service that is attentive without being intrusive. And food that is wonderful.

                                    They really dis that steak perfectly. I'll be back. But Miami restaurants are not playing in the same league as New York, Paris and Jerusalem.

                                1. I should mention 17. Stopped in for a sandwich one day. It's reliably good. Could use a renovation, things wear out. But it's been there all these years because you can count on a good meal.

                                  1. Mexico Bravo in Sunny Isles. Anybody been? There are not very many Mexican kosher places, so I'm curious and will probably try it next time I need to be in S. Florida.

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                                      I heard there is a new milchig place in Sunny Isles where Bissaleh used to be. Our friends just came back from Miami and raved about it.

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                                        It used to be very good, when it was last open as kosher .

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                                          Sorry, I meant for this to refer to Mexico Bravo.

                                      2. Cafe Emunah in Ft. Lauderdale is excellent.

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                                          is emunah open these days? i thought they closed.

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                                            I thought so too but their website is still working. http://www.myemunah.com/

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                                              They're open. I think they were closed for a time and then reopened, but one way or another I was there in the past couple of months.

                                        2. Going back again (I love Miami). Has rare gone downhill since it moved to tower 41? Looking again for the best place for Shabbat meals.

                                          I just found this, anyone been there?

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                                            This sounds like the Mimosa. Was there last winter, and the atmosphere was very friendly, food was very tasty, and plentiful.

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                                              Just got from Miami Beach. I was there for Yeshiva Week. I heard very good reviews of Rare for Shabbos ,althuough I hear that it is ridiucously expensive. I went to Days Inn due to this price difference and the caterer of the time's history of not being able to keep up and bouncing out of the builiding guests to second seating and was disappointed. For 45 dollars per person, there was not too much food there. The chulent wasn't cooked, no potato kugel, no chopped liver, very plain jane. I heard that Rare kept up very well, serving in three areas. I am sorry that I did not go there.

                                            2. Bump. I'll be at a meeting in Hollywood soon, eating takeout. Or maybe eating out. Will drive to Miami Beach for a really good dinner.

                                              Miami needs updating because 'tis (almost) the season.

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                                                When will you be there, Adina? I will be down the week of Xmas.

                                                1. re: DeisCane

                                                  shortly after Thanksgiving, wish we had overlapped.

                                                  1. re: AdinaA

                                                    Too bad. Ships passing in the night. BTW, I will be in NYC before and after my trip...

                                                    1. re: DeisCane

                                                      After would work. Other trips in Dec.

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                                                  Was just down for a quick trip and ate at Soho Asian Grill in Aventura. Very much enjoyed the meat sushi, the other items that folks at the table had from both the asian menu and the grill menu were good. Dim Sum was okay. Did not try any tapas, though I'd like to hear how they are. Cocktail and wine selection was decent, though I did not indulge.

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                                                    I saw something on Great Kosher Restaurants saying that there would be catered meals in the JCC in Miami ( the new bldg. next door to Tower 41 where the Young Israel used to be.

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                                                      Thanks. They seem to be the same price as Rare ($85 for dinner.) What happened to the Young Israel? Is it still in the area?

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                                                        I think that it merged with another shul when the work began on the JCC. I didn't realize what the price was on Rare or the JCC. Europa was nowhere near this price last year. Unfortunately , they were not very good.

                                                3. We will be in Miami Beach the weekend of Dec 6-7 and am looking for prepaid shabbat meals. I left a message for Rare. I tried calling Europa but the number did not seem to work. Does anyone know of what is being offered at this time?

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