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Feb 3, 2012 10:11 AM

New Miami Beach info

I know there's a lot of Miami posts. Just looking for current information for when I'll be traveling in March. I'll post my questions here as I do my research.

1. Has anyone tried the new House of Dog restaurant? Looks good! What did it take the place of?

2. For Friday night I think I'm going to eat at Rare Steakhouse, but is anything open for Saturday other than Tower on the Bay (formerly Tower 41)?

3. Anywhere new to try out? I know it's not new but Thai Treat is getting a visit - we love that place. We haven't gone over the restaurants on Aventura yet so we may venture out there as well.


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  1. I recommend the Grill time (163rd & US1)lunch menu (till 4;30pm)

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      LOVE Grill Time. If you are planning to go at night, a reservation is definitely recommended

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        I ate at Rare on Wednesday night, which was exccellent.

    2. my parents are in miami this week and visit a new place every day. So far, they really loved Grill Time - they go there every time they are in town and said that this was the best yet, both service and food-wise. The other two places they visited were in Aventura, there is a new'ish morroccan restaurant at the Waterways plaza, which they absolutely loved (I think it's at the same location as Pita Hut) used to be. They also went to Gigi's for lunch and said it was ok, but not as great as they remembered. They just flew in Wednesday night - if you would like, I can update posts once I get more info:)
      Enjoy your visit - we LOVE miami:)

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        Thank you for your help. I still need help with what is available on Saturday.

      2. Two places that are worth mentioning are Harbour Grill and Cine Citta. Both in surfside. Been there a few times and loved it. On a similar note, is there any recent information on China Bistro? Last time I was there the place was not nearly as good as it use too... I am willing to admit that they have the right. To have bumps every now and then. Any recent info is appreciated

        1. House of dog is pretty good. I had the Clint Eastwood and it was like a Mexican chili dog. Really great. It took over a spot where there wasn't a kosher place before. right on 41st street. It's right near where the chocolate shop is, sort of set back s little from the street. It's a small space with not a ton of seating but it's very cute. They have a pretty good selection of beer but unfortunately nothing on tap.

          1. Hey all- will be in miami for a couple nights.. I am debating whether the one night i go out to eat should be to cine citta grill or instead to harbour grill..any advice would be greatly appreciated!