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Feb 3, 2012 09:53 AM

where to buy bone-in pork shoulder in DC?

Whole Foods in Tenleytown doesn't carry it. Need to buy it tomorrow morning so it can brine for Sunday. NWDC, preferably. THanks!

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  1. You can find it at one of the following stores Shoppers Food Warehouse, Safeway, or Giant

    1. Have you checked a Shopper's or Harris Teeter? I've bought bone-in pork shoulder at both of those stores in the past, though not recently. A Latin market would be a good bet, too, if there's one in your neighborhood.

      Seems like it would be a good thing to prepare BBQ for Super Bowl Sunday, but I've seen a lot of stores featuring pre-cooked ribs this year. I guess they figure that real barbecue is a lost art.

          1. This morning may be too late for you tou change your choice of store - but either Union Meats or Canales' meats at eastern markets should be able too hook you up. If you don't mind
            The ride to the burbs Wegmans always stocks. Although the day before the big game I would get there ASAP.