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Feb 3, 2012 09:22 AM

Whole Fried Catfish -Charleston and Savannah

Coming on a bus tour. GOT to have whole fried catfish. Bus will have us in Historic District of Charleston and the River Street area in Savannah. Any place there to get WHOLE fired catfish??

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  1. Bless your heart!
    I don't know that you'll get it in either historic districts. As we discussed on your last post, catfish are in fresh water. You can get fried catfish at Jestine's and maybe Magnolia's, but it won't have the bones, heads, or tails. Tourists don't like bones in their food and restaurants don't enjoy lawsuits from the choking :)

    I had great catfish at Anson's. Lightly fried with collards on top dirty rice. It was perfect for me.

    You might want to try whole fried flounder. That's mollybelle's expertise. Maybe she will post. Or try the local oysters. You might want to consider eating like we do: shrimp and grits.

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      I checked a few places on River Street in Savannah that I have eaten at and didn't note any that had whole catfish on the menu. We have the worlds best "fish camp" nearby so I generally don't look for catfish anywhere else.

      Garibaldi which is within easy walking distance of River Street does a very nice whole fried flounder.

    2. Slight derail: bone in catfish are the "done" thing here in West Central Georgia. This whole county only has a population of 22,000 people and I can think of 6-8 places in easy driving distance to get whole catfish.

      One place we go to occasionally in Columbus, GA has an interesting and delicious twist. They cut the filet off one side and leave the other side on the bone. Fry and serve them together.

      We used to do that ourselves with fish we caught that were not quite big enough to filet but a little too big to fry whole.