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Feb 3, 2012 08:07 AM

Better Cuban Restuarants in Chicago

Just saw an episode of Guy's Big Bite and he had a segment on a Cuban restaurant in Bradenton, FL that had me curious and excited about AUTHENTIC Cuban cuisine. Is there anything in the Chicago/suburban area that would be worth exploring ?

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  1. I have always enjoyed the Mambo Grill -

    Mambo Grill
    412 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60610

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      Thank you for the suggestion.

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        Mambo Grill closed in 2010 with plans to relocate to 410 N. Wells.
        But I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened.
        Apparently the owners are focusing their energies on a sister restaurant, Kinzie Chophouse.

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          you cab tell it has been a while since I have been -

    2. There used to be a real nice place in Naperville that I could get the food I grew up with, then they closed. A couple of other places opened and closed since then. Looks like the burbs just don't do Cuban food.

        1. I enjoy Cafe 28; I am not real familiar with Cuban food so do not know how authentic the cuisine is there, but I have had several really good meals there. Might be worth looking into.

          1. I LOVE Cuban food, YUMMMMM!

            I grew up on El Prado's (Which was considered the very best. On Lake street in Maywood-IL) food plus I learned to cook Cuban cuisine via my parents Cuban friends who arrived here from Havana in the early 60's.

            The owners of Siboney Cuban Cuisine located on Western Avenue in Bucktown, imported their chef from a popular hotel in's the closest to El Prado that I've tried. This is a nice place for a date night. Also try the sportyish adjoining bar too. I had a fantastic Arroz con Pollo!! The skirt steak is outstanding as well.


            Another fun Cuban place is, 90 Miles To Cuba on Armitage at Rockwell, plus it's BYOB!!! This place gets pretty hopping on the weekends with quite a few birthday and anniverary celebrations...I've seen people dancing around the tables which can be quite fun!! They will provide the pitcher of fresh muddled mojito's, don't forget to bring your bottle of rum.