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Feb 3, 2012 07:42 AM

Good quality cast iron frying pan

Somewhere along the way I've picked up the idea that a cast iron frying pan is the way to go. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy one that's not too expensive (if they are expensive, no idea really) How about Tap Phong on Spadina? Or would they not carry good quality ones?

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  1. Cast iron pans are not expensive. Look for the Lodge brand. Caynes has them in varing sizes. There is a wealth of information on cast iron seasoning and maintenence on the cookware board. Lodge is, I believe, the only remaining North American Manufacturer.

    1. I got mine from Kitchenstuff plus when it was on a special and it came pre-seasoned. Cayne should have a lot of options as well.
      However if you still feel like seasoning it. Just do a deep fry batch using the new cast iron pan and voila you have just seasoned it. I recall paying 30$ for a good 12" sized pan.

      1. Sasmart in Kensington Market has good cast iron - Lodge, I'm pretty sure - at what is probably a decent price. The other place you could try if you're uptown is Caynes. They have everything and their prices are usually competitive.

          1. Thanks to all of you for the information. The next question is, what advantage does cast iron have over a regular frying pan?

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              Depends on what you mean by a regular frying pan. Compared to my old regular stainless steel frying pan which cannot be placed over high heat without getting discoloured and potentially warped, my cast iron pan can go over direct high heat, including a gas burner. Same problem with my Teflon frying pan; high heat will damage the Teflon coating and apparently can release toxic fumes. Also I've been told that food cooked in a cast iron pan will pick up some iron which can be good or bad depending on your particular dietary needs. Two disadvantages for cast iron pans are the heavier weight and they can rust if left on a damp surface.

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                Well depends what your intention for this pan is.
                Long life is a starting point (frying pan having a year or two in my case while my cast iron is still going strong after 8 years)
                I prefer to cook stuff requiring high heat such as steak or foie gras in it.
                Deep Frying is a no brainer
                My fajitas stay nice an warm due to residual heat
                Now would I pick it over a frying pan not really there are things that a frying pan is more suitable for like cooking eggs etc.