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Feb 3, 2012 06:59 AM

Mike & Nellie - Oakhurst

Hear they are closing for good this weekend, guess the makeover didn't change things much!

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  1. Sad, as I did have some vg meals there when they had it 'together'.

    Hopefully, someone will come in and offer us locals a change of pace dining wise and it'll work for all.

    1. The place was decent at best many years ago when they were still an Italian restaurant. Once Nellie passed away (God Bless) Mike didn't stand a chance as was demonstrated on the Kitchen Makeover show. Not sure the building and setup is the most appealing for someone new to want to come into....will be interesting to see how long the location stays empty. You posted your message Feb. 3rd indicating they were closing that weekend....their website says they closed Jan. 21st?