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Feb 3, 2012 06:02 AM

Griddle/Crepe pan from DeBuyer Mineral vs Mineral B Element

I am looking for a griddle pan that is NOT non-stick to replace a 15 yr old caphalon griddle that is no longer flat. From other threads, it sounds like the DeBuyer crepe pan is a good choice. In looking at their pans, they have Mineral and Mineral B Element lines in the crepe pan. Does anyone know anything about the pluses/minuses of each? I am a home cook with a glass top stove. I'd welcome any recommendations.

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  1. This has been discussed recently in other threads. The differences in the pans are minor, except that the "B" comes with a protective beeswax coating, so the preparation of the pan before using it is a little different. The de Buyer catalog now lists only the "B" series. It's an update to the Mineral line.

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      Sorry for duplicating posts, I should have done a better search.