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Feb 3, 2012 05:43 AM

Best Po Boys in Uptown/Carrollton/Riverbend area?

What are some of the best places for a great po boy in this area? Probably will do luch. Are Boucherie's po boys really outstanding, or would it be better to order other items from their menu (for lunch, even though I know that they only have one menu all day and evening), or would it be better to get them other places and get other item at Boucherie?


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  1. I had the bbq shrimp po boy at Boucherie and wasn't impressed at all. They used to have the best boudin balls around but I haven't been there in over a year. Their french fries are great too.

    Manhoney's was really good. I had the chicken liver po boy and hubby had the large fried shrimp po boy. Both great and some fantastic onion rings too. It's pretty pricey but my small po boy was much more than I could eat. I liked it a lot and will go back to try some others. There have been lots of complaints about their service but we went a few minutes before 6 on a week night and it was average. They weren't busy at all. I think everything is made to order and that's how I want mine so I'll wait the extra time.

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      For a straight up po-boy joint in Uptown, it's hard to beat Guy's on Magazine and Valmont. I like that you can get a grilled shrimp po-boy.

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        Technically not a poboy.....Casamentos' oyster loaf.

      2. Crabby Jack's is definitely the best poboy in that area (just past the parish line where Claiborne Ave. becomes Jefferson Highway). Domilise's will get some love but for me, only their seafood poboy is any good and it is super expensive. Tracey's is hit or miss for the roast beef poboy. I second Guy's and will also give a shout out to The Grocery on St. Chas.

        1. IMO, either the pulled pork or roast beef po-boy at Boucherie is superb. That said, Boucherie's not really a po-boy joint, and I'd probably be tempted by something else if sitting in the restaurant.

          1. Dick and Jenny's has a lunch menu that is mostly po-boys that are all a little unique and rather good.

            Can't go wrong with Crabby Jacks-- my favorite dish over there is the fish tacos but there is not much seating and the tables are shared there so be prepared for that.

            If looking for Roast Beef PoBoys-- a series of newspaper articles was recently written in the Times Picayune about the best ones. Oyster Po-boys is what I look for and Casamento' s has a unique one that does not use french bread.

            Dick & Jenny's
            4501 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115