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Jun 18, 2006 05:49 PM

Update on German Bread at Kalinka

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For those interested in the German bread (shipped from Hamburg? Their water, their flour, yum? Remember?) found in Los Feliz, I have just a quick update:

It's officially Tashkent, a Russian (and, I suppose, Uzbekistani, if you can have that sort of thing) market in Valley Village that buys the fantastic bread from Ivan at Kalinka. And definitely Bazaar in Encino.

Kalinka itself is right on Hillhurst and Franklin, next to the donut shop and Jerry's Video.

Happy eating!

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  1. Oh, do I miss German and Austrian bread!
    Where is the Bazaar in Encino?
    Found a couple of results on Google, not sure which one it is.

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    1. re: hungrykat

      Beats me, sorry. Ivan at Kalinka didn't tell me which one, and I don't know Encino very well. But it's so, so worth a call to the different locations to see if they have it - just ask if they're bringing in bread from Hamburg.

      Believe me, it's worth it. Am still spinning from the *yum* of it all!

      1. re: hungrykat

        if you're in encino, check out the german deli at roscoe immediately west of woodley. they have quite a few varieties of german bread.

      2. Thanks for the update.

        1. here's some additional info on the bread at Kalinka.

          It's from German baker "Harry" and there is some info on the website below but it's in German.


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          1. re: badseed

            thank you for the info about Encino -- I will check out the deli.
            If you need anything translated from the site, let me know -- I'm fluent in German.