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Feb 3, 2012 03:20 AM

Dickey's BBQ

So I noticed not one but two new bbq restaurants near my office on Westheimer, just east of Voss.

Stockyard BBQ in the old La Trattoria space at Westheimer and Marilee. Almost directly across the street n the Mariner's Village Shopping Center is Dickey's.

Last weekend, (before meeting otherbrotherdarrell for beers and oysters and bacalao), Mom and I went to Dickey's.

Shoulda tried Stockyard.

Dickey's is apparently a 200+ location chain based in Dallas. They have stores in all but a handful of states. This is apparently their third foray into Houston.

At 11:30 on a Saturday morning, a small request for brisket and two ribs produced saran wrapped mush. Not kidding.

I guess I'm kind of a bbq snob, but with Pierson's apparently closed forever, I don't know of any
"great" bbq in Houston. I practically grew up in Lexington and while Snow's has only been around a few years, Ms. Tootsie has been doing her thing in Lex since I was a little boy. (And that's a freakin' long time.) I've tried both Aaron Franklin's and John Mueller's wares as discussed in the most recent Texas Monthly cover story, though to be honest all John had left when we got there late on New Year's Eve was sausage and his sparkling personality. I can't imagine why a city the size, and most importantly the LOCATION, of Houston can't draw a great pit master.

Oh well. At least I can always find a good taco.

Anyone know anything about Stockyard?

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  1. In case it isn't clear, both Franklin's and Mueller's places are in Austin.

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      1. re: Lambowner

        As noted above, we went to John's on New Year's Eve, but all he had left when we got there was sausage. He posts on another board I frequent and the general concensus is that he is as good as Aaron Franklin, (who used to work for him).

        I eagerly look forward to a wider sampling.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          Wasn't sure if you were talking about Meuller's in Taylor. Both Franklin and J. Meuller are featured on the cover of Texas Monthly this month.

          1. re: Lambowner

            It's Louis Mueller's in Taylor.

            Louis was John's dad, and an icon in his own right.

            1. re: DoobieWah

              Yes, I know, and I see you also mentioned the Texas Monthly article. My reading skills are on the fritz this week.

          2. re: DoobieWah

            I want to know what is that "other board" that you "post on"?

            (Not that I'm stalking you or anything...)

            1. re: Jaymes

    , a Longhorn centered site with numerous message boards. (It's not for the faint of heart - That does NOT apply to you Jaymes, but I thought I should put it out there...)

              The GM Steakhouse is the food and drink centered board.

              Since making that post, I've been able to eat John's que several times, both in Austin and here in Houston. Great, great stuff. The beef ribs are otherworldly.

              1. re: DoobieWah

                I had some this month for the first time (John Meuller's Q, if that's what we're about here). Someone brought it to a gathering here in Houston. It was outstanding.

      2. I went since Stockyard was getting such great reviews on other sites. It was among the worst BBQ I've had in Houston. Ribs tasted like I was licking burnt wood. Sides under-seasoned and sitting in the steam trays waaay too long. Fried okra was over-breaded and totally dried out. Mac and cheese was bland and boring. Nothing good to say about the place. Sorry!

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        1. re: scw

          Thanks for taking one for the team.

          The ribs at Baker's Ribs just down (up?) Voss from there are pretty good. The brisket is hit or miss.

          Love their potato salad.

        2. DoobieWah, I live in the Pacific Northwest where they just put in a Dickey's in a local suburb. Frankly, that is the worst BBQ dreck I have ever experienced. Dickey's has to be the Olive Garden of BBQ. There is no explaining how crap like they serve can survive other than to prove franchise restaurants are the antithesis of Chowhound.

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          1. re: Leper

            You should have warned me...

            (Just kidding.)

            1. re: Leper

              It opened in the Orlando, Florida area a year or two back. I love barbecue, but Dickey's was just sad and bad. Haven't been back, not when we have the excellent Four Rivers Smokehouse and the solid Florida-based Sonny's chain.

            2. Living here in Austin and having made many a BBQ crawl from Lockhart to Luling to Taylor and Llano I chanced to stop in at the Dickeys at DFW airport. Big mistake. So I thought maybe it was because it was at the airport so I tried the on on Louis Henna and IH35. Complete crap. Dickeys replaces Rudy's as the absolute worst. My mantra now is...friends don't let freinds eat at Rudy's or Dickey's.

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              1. re: ericthered

                I'd eat out of Rudy's trash before I'd eat at Dickey's again.

                1. re: DoobieWah

                  I just stumbled across this Dickeys love. I know this is an old thread but I could not resist.


                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    "Any given day, at any given place, one could get substandard brisket. To insult another person's credibility because of it is the mark of a weak person." Going right into my repertoire!