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Feb 3, 2012 02:52 AM

Magic Hostess hand crank non electric slicer

Was thinking of buying one of these at a local vintage store, but was unsure about whether or not it actually works.

It's a "Magic Hostess hand crank slicer" with metal legs.
My other option is the:
GERERAL MEAT SLICER Hand Crank Vacu-Base Folding Slicer Mod 167 Chrome Made USA

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  1. We had a hand-cranked slicer when I was a kid, not sure what brand it was. We rarely used it and I seem to recall issues with it slipping on the counter and consistency of slice thickness (not to mention my mother being paranoid about us kids getting our fingers into it). But it may have been a cheapie, I'm sure there are better versions out there.

    Still - unless you need to slice a lot of home-made cold cuts, what's the incentive to own one vs a good sharp knife and/or mandoline?

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    1. re: BobB

      I found a general slicer online and was wondering the same things.

      We started curing bacon and it take a while to slice... That is our main reason...

      1. re: cryan1980

        Makes sense; if it's too good to be true...

    2. My dad bought one when I was a kid, and used it quite a bit, mainly for left over roast beef. As best I recall it worked fine. I've no idea of what brand, but this was in the late 1950s.

      What I talking about is a hand cranked version of the electric ones you see at the deli counter.