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Feb 2, 2012 11:35 PM

PEI and Hopewell Rocks/Alma Restaurants in mid-April??

I need help!!! My girlfriend and I are visiting the Bay of Fundy in mid-April. Seems like all the restaurants are closed. We have room for 1 lunch and 2 dinners in PEI and one lunch by Hopewell Rocks. So far we were thinking Lot 30 and Claddagh Oyster House for dinner. Then Selkirk and Harbour View Market (Alma) for lunch. And some ice cream at Cow's. I'd like to have fresh seafood, particularly lobster, even if it's from Nova Scotia in April. Any recommendations as to where are the best places to eat??? Thanks!!

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  1. Any help out there? Even if you reply with McDonald's...

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      Lot 30 is a great restaurant, you won't be disappointed! The Selkirk is great. There's an event called PEI Burger Love going on in April (, be sure to give some of those a try! Daniel-Brenan Brickhouse, or the Lucy Maud Dining Room (The Culinary Institute of Canada) are some great options as well! There's a market on Prince Street where you can get some fresh snow crab, definately a must-try! Enjoy!