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Feb 2, 2012 10:33 PM

Five Mountains Tea found at International Art Museum Gift Shop, SF

They have a Gift Shop to the Left of the International Art Museum entrance on Market between 6th & 7th, SF. They have Five Mountains Tea!! It's a wholesale tea, now you can buy their teas at this gift shop!!

I saw:
Virgin Silver Buds
Heirloom Ruby
Heirloom Emerald - 2oz $16
Rolled Jasmine Green - 3oz $23
Bergamot Black
Camellia Blossoms -2oz $16
Sun Ripened Pu'er
Pacific Peppermint - 2oz $14

Prices $14-23 for 2-3oz bag. I got a bag of the Camellia Blossoms $16 + $1.36 tax = $17.36. Charged it.

Tea Forte tea trays, some tea cups, tea kettles.

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