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Feb 2, 2012 08:46 PM

Recommendations for Lebanese and other good places near the City

Will be in London in a couple weeks for business (staying on Gracechurch Street) and am wondering if there are any good Lebanese restaurants near the business district (or at least a short tube ride away)? I went to Ishbilia last year based on recommendations on this board (which was very good), but am hoping for something closer to go to on the day I arrive (and will be undoubtedly jet-lagged and exhausted). Doesn't need to be anything fancy and would love to get off the beaten path.

Also, any other good recommendations in the vicinity for dinners after long work days? Open to any cuisine.

In prior visits I have managed to hit Ishbilia, Great Queen Street, Les Deux Salon and Rules based on recommendations from this site and do already have reservations at Moti Mahal for this year but am hoping for a few closer options if possible.

Thanks for any input!

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  1. i thought kenza in devonshire square very good - certainly some of the best tabbouleh in town and well made taouk.

    but beware - in the evening they hype it up with belly dancing.

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      Thanks. That looks like a good option nearby. And I'm not afraid of some belly dancers as long as they are attractive! :)

    2. I guess you are staying in Club Quarters? If so there's Gaucho, a so-so independent steak place in the basement (maybe Club Quarters guests get a discount?). Walk south to Cannon Street and then west along to St Swithin's Lane for excellent fish at Swithins (only 5 minutes total walk):

      Not Lebanese, but if you want to try Turkish then Haz won't break the bank. A chain, but pretty OK (Less than 10 minutes walk):

      About 10 minutes directly north is Meson Los Barriles for nice Spanish:

      Near this is St John's Bread & Wine, which is highly thought of, but I haven't been.

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        Thanks! I'm a little weirded out that you know where I am staying, but I'm now assuming it must be the only hotel on Gracechurch! :) I hope the Club Quarters is all right, I have stayed at Threadneedles the last couple trips and am already regretting that I won't be staying there again.

        These all look like good options. I had actually noticed St John's after I posted so I will try to get there for either a lunch or dinner and I like Spanish food a lot so Meson sounds like a good recommendation. I will probably take my colleagues out one night so Meson might be a good option for the group.

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          What about hopping on a 149 (comes through Gracechurch st) and going to one of the Turkish Okabasi resturants in stoke newington, Mangal, Numara or Testi get my vote