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Feb 2, 2012 07:50 PM

Knoxville Hamburgers

Who has the best hamburgers in Knoxville?

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  1. Litton's just off Broadway near the Duck Pond. They grind their own meat, they bake their own buns, and they will cook your Burger to the degree of doneness you ask for. Their meat tastes great because of the mix they use.

    It has been our favorite for two decades (before that we didn't live near Knoxville)

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      Thanks! The burger with pimento cheese looks yummy!

      1. Let's START with the worst burger in Knoxville. Litton's Hands down have the driest beef concoction this side of the Mississippi....and I meant that in the nicest way. Old timers from Knoxville still believe that Litton's offers good food. Too bad they haven't been outside of their four block perimeter of North Knoxville.

        Who has the best....I am still looking. What makes the BEST hamburger...well, that question will remain in the eyes of the beholder. My requirements include a medium juicy burger, a sturdy "kaiser" style bun, a great cheese, and a fresh assortment of trims. Litton's "Wonder Bread" style buns just disintegrate. For a ten dollar burger, I would try Five Guys...and they still aren't in my top ten!

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          You aren't going to find an authentic Kaiser Roll this side of the Mason-Dixon line so I'd recommend you try one of Peter Reinhart's cookbooks and make your own.

          I disagree, vehemently about Litton's burgers being "driest beef concoction this side of the Mississippi". They simply aren't dry. They are juicy and the meat is an exceptional mix ground on the premises. The meat tastes good,

          If you are a fan of Blue Cheese, and it you were going to give Litton's a chance (hypothetical), you should try their burger medium rare with an order of their gorgonzola-based blue cheese salad dressing on it.

          Naw, just keep searching. I'll just keep driving about twenty five miles each way for my fortnight Litton's burger fix. (For those not from Knoxville, we have mighty big blocks in these parts. It's a heck of a four block drive.)

        2. Another vote for Litton's! I have never found their burgers to be dry and I enjoy their homemade buns. In fact, their bakery also creates some pretty delicious desserts, as well. I am addicted to their turtle brownies! :)

          1. Not quite Knoxville but it's not that far away - Alcoa. THE BEST burgers are at Hot Rods 50s Diner. Look at their pdf menu and see how huge the choices are - which is also exactly what they serve - HUGE portions of great food. If you join their eclub on the internet, on your birthday they send you a gift of any Burger (they're all 10 ounces) or any Entree up to $9.99. They send you something for joining but I can't remember what since it was awhile since I joined. If you choose fries as your free side with your burger you will be amazed at how many they give you - it must be almost a pound. If you look at their SPECIALS you will find one of my favorites: "THE HOG" for $6.99. It is a huge cut of pan fried breaded pork tenderloin. I'm not kidding it has to be at least 10 inches in diameter and it is not paper thin. This place has the MOST for your money. I have never found a restaurant that piles on the food like this place yet it tastes so good.

            Hot Rods 50s Diner
            373 Hannum Street
            Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

            1. Pete's Coffee Shop in downtown (on Union Avenue, across from the YMCA) has a great burger. It's called "Joey's Jumbo Burger" and it comes with 2 kinds of cheese. It's grilled to order and is served on toasted bread, Awesome.

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                Let me reply so that searchs might turn up your answer. It sounds as if Pete's Coffee Shop would be a really good lunch if someone were coming to Knoxville for a convention downtown and were looking for a good tasty lunch without driving anywhere.
                Are they open weekends or just during the work week?

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                  They are open Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday. Daily lunch specials are very popular. Greek-owned restaurant with excellent food and as always Pete is working the flat top grill. Breakfast is a MUST, Pete's Special is more food than you can imgaine and the prices are incredibly low. There's also a fried egg BLT. I could go on, I am a big fan