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Feb 2, 2012 07:36 PM

Catering Tam Deli Banh Mi

I've been to Tam Deli a few times and love the food. I'm thinking about catering an assortment of their banh mi for a party, but want to find out if any chowhounders have ever catered from them before or ordered a large order of banh mi? Was quality just as good? thanks!

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  1. no one? how about this: any one cater banh mi sandwiches from anywhere in austin? if so, from where and how was it? Thanks!

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    1. re: Lotus7

      Tam Deli is such a small operation... the ladies who run it seem to just be into their relaxed little routine, so I'd be highly surprised if they catered. Couldn't hurt to ask, though.

      I've never heard of anybody catering banh mi, but I'm sure it'd be a good idea if done well. I'd definitely check to see if they were made to order... if pre-made, I'm sure they could very easily get soggy and funky with the marinated carrots/daikon.

      Tam's definitely my favorite place in town, and Baguette House is great, even though it looks like a crappy Starbucks knock-off. BUT, even though a lot of people poo poo it on here, I think Lulu B's is just fine, and they might be a good option for catering, considering the fact that they're a trailer.

      And as one final side note, I finally ate at Elizabeth St this week, and it was really good. Not the best I've ever had by any means, but it's pretty sweet that it's a quarter mile from my house. Probably not worth looking into the catering option due to the fact that they're more expensive than most banh mi places, but I'll throw it out there that it's definitely worth a visit for a normal meal!

      1. re: popvulture

        ...of course there is the possibility that if a banh mi's pre-made and sits around for a while, the flavors develop and it gets funkier in a good way, as in the case of a muffuletta. It'd obviously only work with the varieties that are typically served room temp.

      2. re: Lotus7

        we ordered 4 banh mi (cut into thirds) and 10 pieces of the nem noung spring rolls (cut in half) from Thanh Nhi for a small superbowl party. Both held up really well on the half hour car ride and throughout the night. The nem nuoung were excellent, even though the meat was at room temperature by the time we ate it.

        Thanh Nhi's vietnamese sandwiches are more authentic than Tam Deli's IMO. It includes headcheese and possibly a more authentic mayonnaise. The nem nuoung are really exceptional. I don't know if anyone else sells them in town. It consists of green leaf lettuce, chive, mint, cucumber, carrots, crunchy cigar, and a grilled sausage patty rolled inside rice paper, served with a creamy spicy sauce that is hard to describe (not peanut sauce). i was shocked my snobby vietnamese parents loved it.

        the last time i had Tam Deli's spring rolls, I was appalled by their gratuitous use of ice berg lettuce and dry noodles. Their sandwiches are good, but slightly different than what I grew up eating.

        1. re: topodrinko

          Ooh this Thanh Nhi place sounds great... thanks so much for throwing it into the mix! I'll probably have to drive up there tomorrow :)

          1. re: topodrinko

            holy crap, those spring rolls sound amazing.