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Feb 2, 2012 07:00 PM

Hard Hat Vol IX

Vol 8 was getting unwieldily on my mobil...

Saw the beer and wine application in the window on for Pinthouse Pizza on Burnet across from Apothecary and next to Simplicity. Didn't look like much going on inside yet. The poster said it is a brewpub too.

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  1. For the downtown lunch crew, Wholly Cow Burgers is going in at 7th and Congress Ave where Pita Pit just vacated last week.

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    1. re: LakeLBJ

      Didn't Pita Pit move in next to Jimmy Johns at 6th and Brazos? I wish Wendy's would have moved back in. Or better yet, TEDS! :-)


      1. re: sqwertz

        You're probably thinking of Extreme Pita, which is right next to JJ's at 6th and Congress.

    2. Stopped by for a quick look at the Hillside Farmacy on e. 11th (old Gene's po-boys). Designed and owned by the folks that own the East Side Showroom.

      The inside is beautiful. Lots of reclaimed furniture and antiques from old pharmacies, white tiled interior and and a private dining room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu will include oysters, peel'n'eat shrimp, charcuterie and sandwiches with a bar and stumptown coffee. Mostly locally sourced food stuff, ice cream and locally baked goods. Looks like they will be ready to open in a few weeks.

      I'm excited about this joint. Looks like it will be a cool community hub for the local food crowd.

      1. Another Verts is going into the same shopping center as the new Hopdoddy on Anderson. they just signed a lease. not sure which space that is.

        1. Olive and June (in the old Arbol space) is in Soft Opening

          1. spin modern thai is opening in the plaza with the lakeline mall target.
            it's the old spicy pickle location, so it will be a smaller restaurant.
            they are waiting for a beer & wine license from TABC.
            given the chaotic interior, it will be a little while.

            that will make 3 thai places in this little corner of northwest austin:
            thai cuisine, muang thai, and spin.

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            1. re: dinaofdoom

              spin is pretty tasty, although i am over the precious "tapas" trend.
              went there a few weeks ago, and enjoyed my meal.
              loved how they wrapped the pad thai in a thin omelette.
              they also did an interesting larb, with salmon sashimi.

              there is a living social deal today: $15 for $30.
              i totally snatched one up.