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Feb 2, 2012 06:06 PM

A couple of days in the city

My wife and I are coming into town for a couple of days and are looking for some thoughts/ideas/guidance on our trip. We have an AirBnB rental in the Mission - so we are BART ready and also have no issues with buses, cabs or walking at any point during our adventures. It's a quick mid-week trip and our typical rhythm on a jaunt like this is to feed, explore, feed some more, siesta, walk, happy hour, drink a bit, and feed some more later in the evening...or something like that. Drinking a bit can easily morph into drinking more and we have no issues with prolonged exposure to a bar stool and grabbing some casual sustenance if the place fits.

Our place is a few blocks from both Humphry Slocombe and La Torta Gorda. We will definitely stash some late night treats in the fridge/freezer as a precaution. Any new flavors from HS that anyone can speak to?

Otherwise, we love the Mission for it's late night take-out opps and thoroughly enjoy a good bar or pub that stays open later and serves food. - overall, we would prefer ending up closer to our rental at the end of the evening. Any thoughts on Hogs & Rocks? Any other reco's on midweek, later evening fare w/ beverage service nearby? Any new places worth checking out?

We are probably going to hit Rosamunde/Tornado for cheeseburgers on Tuesday- I think that's a 2 mile-ish walk from our place? Is that a reasonably safe walking route mid-morning (Mission>Haight)? We'll probably cab down to the marina after the Toronado and walk to North Beach/Chinatown after that. Does anyone know of any good mid-day watering holes between the marina and North Beach? We are local beer and vino kind of people and we don't mind walking a few (or many) blocks out of the way for some good times, drinks and people watching. For a mid-day snack, we will either grab some cioppino at Sotto Mare or split a salt & pepper crab at R&G.

One night, we are going to meet some friends for Happy Hour at Bar Crudo and then do dinner at the bar or community table at Nopa . No previous exposure to either. Any recent experiences with either place or any dishes you might recommend?

I have heard there is a new brewery that just opened near Flour + Water, but can't seem to find it right now. Anyone?

Tartine for breakfast one morning. Never been to Mission Pies, but it looks appealing.

Is Saigon Sandwich worth the stop on the BART before hitting the Embarcadero and walking around/picknicking should weather permit?

Anyhow, totally flexible and looking for ideas and some local insight.


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  1. Hog & Rocks is good, especially if you're in the mood for oysters and ham.

    Saigon Sandwich is definitely worth a detour.

    1. Rogue brewery in north beach has lots of beers on tap, both theirs and from other breweries. They usually open at noon.

      If you can, why not make a reservation for Nopa? It's worth it not having to fight or a table for 4 or more people. The pork chop is wonderful and huge enough that you can split it across a group of four (plus other plates...)

      Saigon sandwich is worth the stop, and it's cheap enough to warrant the extra Bart fare

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        Thanks Robert and Hyberbowler for the replies. As for the reservation at Nopa, we aren't sure how many of the friends are coming for dinner or just HH so we don't want to tie up a table. Bar dining usually works for us. Thanks!

      2. Are you going to be here during SF Beer Week/Strong Beer Month?

        Humphry's should have a variety of beer ice-creams to taste. Don't be afraid to taste every ice-cream they have before you choose your fav. They're totally cool like that.

        Nopa and Bar Crudo are fantastic.

        If you're coming here soon I wouldn't bother with Southern Pacific Brewing at this time. Way too crowded and they have a lot of kinks to work out.

        You should make a Plan B in case you get tired of waiting in line at Tartine.

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          thanks scarmoza, wish could have worked the schedule for a beer week visit, but no such luck.

        2. Check out La Victoria bakery and see if they are doing one of their special dinners.

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