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Feb 2, 2012 05:33 PM

Ecco Pizzeria Allston

Just went to Ecco Pizzeria on Comm Ave in Allston for the first time... just opened in December. It is fantastic! I thought it was definitely the best pizza in the this part of town. Anyone else been there?

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  1. What did you like about it? What other pizza places do you like?

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    1. re: CookieLee

      Should have been more complete!

      I thought the ingredient were incredibly fresh and creative. My personal favorite pizza thus far in Boston has been Emma's in Cambridge, and I thought this was comparable. It's a takeout/counter style restaurant, not sit down like Emma's, but the quality was outstanding. They make all their own ingredients (make their own pizza sauce, make their own dough daily using a recipe developed by Clear Flour Bread, sautee artichokes, etc, etc). We had for example the Verdure pizza with their own sauteed mushroom mixture and freshly sauteed artichokes. I think it's easily the best pizza in that area (much better than Upper Crust for example) and is on par with the best in Boston. Prices are roughly comparable to Emmas I think.

      I think they are still doing a soft opening -- for example they are currently doing delivery only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday evenings, but they will move to 7 days delivery shortly.

      1. re: goslow

        Thanks so much for the info! They've been there for a while, so I don't think it's a soft opening, as much as maybe they're expanding their delivery? Not my kind of pizza, but good to know.

    2. Another endorsement. Had a couple of their pizzas. The dough is excellent and the ingredients are tasty. Had one with olives and shrimp and another with potatoes. They also do some 6" sweet dough dessert pizzas, one with nutella and choc. chips. I would say this is gourmet level pizza.

      Has 6 tables and a counter with stools. Not cramped inside. Decor is mostly shades of brown, with cork on the banquettes.

      If you can't place the location in your head, it's next to Wing-It along the Comm Ave service drive.

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      1. re: lergnom

        Absolutely delicious, and thanks for the tip! The vegan was wonderful --the baby artichokes alone were worth the price of the pizza. Crust was tasty and crisp. The salad dressing for the Caesar was expertly made if a tad salty, and though the croutons were fine there was a conspicuous lack of parmesan. Still, I want to try everything on this menu. Service was smart and professional. Hurry and try this place while the quality is so amazing. Though they seem dedicated to maintaining their standards.

        1. re: chuck s

          They do their cheese, pepperoni and whatever else that day. At least that's what the menu says. When I was there, they had 2 varieties and neither was cheese or pepperoni.

          BTW, though the pizzas are not cheap-o, the dessert pizza is cheap, not cheap-o, at like $3. If you do carryout, they will make the crust crispy and then add the chocolate, etc. without putting it back in to melt. Worked well. Wouldn't travel otherwise.

          The toppings, to repeat what I said above, have a lot of flavor.

        2. just tried a slice and was very pleased. The owner is a student of pizza and is striving for perfection. I must go back to try a whole pie. The menu included several seafood options, clam, shrimp, and scallop. Now I don't have to cross the river for an Emma's slice when this is in my own backyard.

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          1. re: chuck s

            Went there yesterday. They are truly students of pizza and the ingredients were of the absolute highest quality. We had the vongole--clams, bacon, garlic, cheese and it was truly to die for. (and neither my 10 yo nor I even like clams). The place was immaculate. They deliver as well if you want to make it easier. This place is worth a special trip!

            1. re: griller88

              that sounds like I WANT ! now i simply must go there.thx for the reminder.

          2. Just ordered from here on a whim and I think I have a new favorite pizza. There was no way I was going out in this crap weather tonight and I was pleasantly surprised that they delivered to our area of Cambridge (in less than 40 min no less).

            - Crust: Thin but remarkably not soggy from delivery. You can taste the Clear Flour influence. The perfect chew and delicious in of itself. Wow, really some of the best dough/crust ever.
            - Sauce: Sauce with real flavor. Absolutely delicious, maybe the best pizza sauce I have had.
            - Cheese: Flavorful with some tang, but not at all greasy. Just the right amount to balance all the flavors perfectly.
            - Toppings: Large slices of thin quality pepperoni on half, and perfectly caramelized grilled onions on the other.

            Everything just came together perfectly. I will look forward to trying pizza onsite in the shop, but it help up very well to delivery (head and shoulders above any other delivery options available to me). The box was designed well with a hole to vent steam on top.

            Now if I can just avoid indigestion from watching this game.