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Feb 2, 2012 04:54 PM

Los Amigos West Roxbury

Just popped in and got a Steak Burrito. Was pretty tasty. On par with Anna's, but given the choice between the two, I would choose Anna's.

My girlfriend got the fish tacos and they were good as well. THEY WERE DOUBLE TORTILLA lol.

Glad to have them in the neighborhood.

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  1. We got takeout from there for lunch on Tuesday. I had a chicken burrito - the chicken itself was very fresh, but the burrito itself was missing something - just a little bland. My husband thought the same about his steak burrito. We loved the guac, but the chips were undersalted. Good salsa. I'm VERY excited about Los Amigos, so will definitely try them again, but hope that they get bettter

    1. Thanks for the double tortilla report - silly, but it that'll make me check it out faster! Excited to see what it's like,

      1. I got takeout last Thursday night. Sorry to say that it was disappointing. We got chicken burrito, carne asade burrito, al pastor tacos. The steak itself on the carne asada wasn't bad, but on both burritos the beans were undercooked. As sallyt said, everything was kind of bland. The al pastor taco appeared to be carnitas meat with some pineapple added. Not cooked on the rotisserie like Anna's does and no sign of any kind of spicy sauce which would have given the whole thing some much needed flavor.

        I'm hoping they'll improve since I live in West Roxbury and reliable Mexican takeout is in very short supply.