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Feb 2, 2012 04:33 PM

Prime Rib in Phx/Scottsdale/Tempe?

I like prime rib. I don't expect we'll find a House of Prime Rib (SF) or Lawry's (Chicago), and in fact we don't have to go to a restaurant that only does prime rib. But do any of the steak houses (even the kitschy/saloon style ones) do prime rib particularly well?

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  1. There are two places that come to mind for good and really good prime rib. The good is at The Keg in Desert Ridge or Chandler Pavilions and really good is Hillstone on Camelback near 24th St. Wonderful prime rib but baked potatoes for the dinner serving only. Excellent atmosphere as well.

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      The Houston's in Scottsdale, which is owned by the same company, also has Prime Rib, but a few bucks cheaper.

    2. Mastro's, Chelsea's Kitchen, and Don and Charlie's are all good bets.

      1. Thanks for the responses...but unfortunately we're back from our trip already. I'm sure we'll be back (sun seeking) again and I'll definitely look up this link.