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Feb 2, 2012 03:03 PM

dinner rec's needed for Nashua near Exit 8

Would like recommendations for Sat night dinner within 10 mi of Exit 8 in Nashua. Husband would like a good steak. I would love a good salad, or salad bar and not to be gouged on the wine list.

I would like to take advantage of the free shuttle service within 10 miles of 2 Somerset Parkway in Nashua. Would appreciate all your advice and recommendations as we haven't been out in Nashua!

Thank you for this board!

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  1. Looks like you can make it to Buckley's in Merrimack! Downtown Nashua also has MT's Local. You are just about at the mileage limit to make it to Burton's Grill at the mall (a chain, but regional). I haven't been to Burton's but I just wanted to mention it.

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      thank you! Which mall is that? We are not from the area. Have you been to Burton's Grill and if so, what are your suggestions?

      1. re: defboater

        Burton's Grill is in the Pheasant Lane Mall in south Nashua. It's a high-end chain, food is not bad, though nothing to get excited about. Why visit a mall in a strange town? My rec would be Buckley's which is 6.85 miles from 2 Somerset Parkway. Michael Buckley re-invented the dining scene in Nashua and has a seafood place called Surf downtown, as well as MT's, which is a more casual bistro across the street.

    2. Buckley's is the way to go if you want steak. Next door is Swan Chocolate where you can get cocoa/coffee/dessert.

      If you need lunch one day, Cedar's Cafe is right near your hotel and has great hummus/kabobs/tabouleh.

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        Love Cedar's--wish it was on my route--a good falafel.

      2. Appreciate it! I think Buckley's will be it! Will report when we return.