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Feb 2, 2012 02:50 PM

Casual, inexpensive resto for large party on a Saturday

My fiance and I are getting our families together for the first time in a couple of weeks, and we're looking for a restaurant for dinner on a Saturday night. I'm looking for something in the Mission or downtown or nearby areas with entrees in the $15-$20 range (or lower) and good, solid food. We have a total of 13 people - including two vegetarians, one gluten intolerant (me) and one kid (he's 7 and mostly likes "kid food" - chicken fingers, plain pasta, etc.).

So far I've thought of Chow on Church, but I would love to hear if CH has any better ideas! We've gone to Chow with his family before so I'd like to branch out, but maybe that's the best option here. We thought of just hosting apps/cocktails at our apartment but feel like it may be overwhelming.

I appreciate the help!

215 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114

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  1. In that price range, I would see if La Mediteranee could accommodate your group.

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      I like that idea a lot! Thanks, Carrie! I hadn't heard of this place before. Now, off to find out if my dad will eat hummus... :)

    2. Esperpento might work...Spanish cuisine, tapas and paella (large multi-servings).

      1. This is far away from the Mission but Park Chalet across from Ocean Beach is great for large groups. They have a parking lot and a nice patio.

        Pacific Catch or Park Chow in the Sunset are other ideas. Closer to the Mission, Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights has a patio area that would accomodate 13 people.

        1. Inka's Peruvian on Mission.