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Feb 2, 2012 02:38 PM

Top Chef: What It's Like to Be a Diner at the Taping

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  1. This just cracked me up:

    Don't look directly at Padma
    Don't talk to Padma.

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    1. re: gaffk

      I'm guessing that it's okay to touch her?

      I want an assistant to cool my hot neck in the summer :(

      1. re: viperlush

        And follow me around touching up my makeup so I always at least look cool.

        ETA: And I suspect if you try to touch her, you leave the taping with several fewer fingers than you had when you entered.

        1. re: gaffk

          Now what if you trip and bump into her? Do you look her in the eye and apologize or drop into a ball and cry "I'm not worthy".

          1. re: viperlush

            I'm thinking the latter is your only option. (Plus, as a ball, there will be less damage when she stomps on you with her heels.)

      2. re: gaffk

        Maybe some of the chefs should be forced to abide by those rules.