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Feb 2, 2012 02:32 PM

Great food in Old Bridge/Sayreville/Marlboro area?? Recs please!!!

I'm often in this area for work and haven't found any place I love. Ganga in Matawan is very good for sushi/japanese and easily my favorite restaurant in the area. I heard Jerry and Harvey's is a good Jewish deli but I haven't tried yet. Big Ed's was Zagat rated and it was disgusting; the chicken was inedible and the ribs were mediocre at best. I'm desperately needing suggestions (all price ranges). Please help! Thanks

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  1. IMO Shanghai Bun is one of the most Chow-worthy restaurants in NJ and right down the street from Big Ed's. Check out the following threads:

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      Shanghai Bun is not exactly "down the street" from Big Ed's. They are located at least a mile's drive apart.

    2. Thai Thai on 516 and Cottrell is one of my local goto's. Love the Chile Thai basil dishes and the curry puffs. Krispy is our close local goto pizza joint. I recommend the grandma pie. Much more upscale is JUST on route 9 in old bridge. Relatively new and receiving excellent and mediocre reviews. I can not opine yet as I haven't been there yet. In Marlboro we like Sam Vera for Italian.

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        Got to Just. As promised find my comments in the below thread. Overall positive, I would give it a try.

      2. I agree with angelo about SamVera. Though we haven't been there in a long time, it's the only Italian restaurant in the area that I would ever think of going to. The others are horrible to at best mediocre.

        If you like Indian food, you might want to check out Masala Kitchen. The address is Manalapan, but it's in the strip mall next to the Marlboro Shop-Rite strip, on Route 9 North & Union Hill Road, so I guess that puts it right on the border.

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          I disagree with both RGR and angelo04 re SamVera
          food prep is poor
          service is so so
          frankly I'd rather eat anywhere else than to go back to SV's - as I did recently

          I do agree with Masala Kitchen, Shanghi Bun both excellent choices

        2. I agree with joonjoon. Shanghai Bun is excellent. For pizza, we like Denino's on 34, a little south of Shanghai Bun on 34. Up the road on 34, a bit north of Big Ed's, is the Pine Tavern. They have $5.00 lunch specials every day & various special nights, like $10 steak night on Mondays & pasta night on Wednesdays, which is usually less than $10.

          Let us know which places you end up trying & if you find any places not mentioned here.

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            I will second Deninos is awesome, but in Aberdeen, not terribly far. Ironically after writing my earlier post, I will be making my way to Just tonight. Will certainly report back

          2. Thanks all. Will add these places to the list. I am willing to travel 15 minutes outside of this area but only for excellent (not necessarily upscale) food