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Please help me learn to love kale......!!

I know it's good for me, but in the couple of recipes with kale I've tried, I just haven't been won over. But I'm willing to try again - what's your go-to Kale recipe?

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  1. I typed Kale into the search bar at the top of the page and got these plus lots more. Hope this helps.


    1. What don't you like? Texture or flavor? Different kales do have some difference in flavor (I think the dino kale, the one with dark, long leaves) if most mild.

      So far, I haven't found anyone that doesn't like Kale Chips (leaves roasted with olive oil at 350 until crisp, then salted). I also like to add chopped kale to soups or beans (I usually add 5 - 10 min before serving).

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        I agree about the kale chips. I made some for a gathering in November. Saw the same people again last Saturday, and was complimented again.

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          If you're up to an experiment I'd be interested to see you're results with my latest method.

          Using the same kale chips recipe you mentioned above, try it in a dehydrator instead of the oven. I found they come out like Nori (seaweed) snacks, which I love.

        2. You may just not like kale. I tried it several times. The worst was incorporating it in chicken soup, which it made sour.

          I have no plans to eat it again.

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            There's no reason Kale would make anything sour...

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              I knew someone would say that.

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                Perhaps you meant bitter? Although in my experience Kale is the least bitter of the green leafies.

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                  I recently added it to a soup, and found it to be bitter. Maybe I didn't cook it long enough. But I do really like the kale chips.

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                    Okay, bitter, then. It sucked no matter what adjective you assign to it. I did experience it as sour, though.

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                    Bitter. Sour. Whichever, I hated it. Won't eat it again.

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                      THat's sort of like pointing at a blue object and saying you experienced it as red. Sour is what you experience when you taste citric acid (lemons), bitter is different receptors (try eating a lemon seed).

                      To cut bitterness, you can actually add sour flavors, such as lemon... I also like tamari a lot.

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                        Not that you would beat a dead horse, but *again*, no matter with which adjective you describe it, kale is not something I'm going to buy again.

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions - I think I haven't been cooking the kale for long enough - the texture seems too rigid, if that makes any sense.
              But lots of great ideas here and in the previous threads linked - thank-you!

              1. This is my favourite recipe. Braised Kale with red wine and chicken stock
                Maybe you will enjoy it too since it is cooked a little bit longer (15 mins) than other recipes, making the kale more tender.

                1. Kale happens to be fashionable right now but there are a lot of other greens that have very similar nutritive value that you might like better. Try buying a bag of frozen collard greens and cooking them overnight in your slow cooker on LOW with some ham or bacon. Extra-good with a southern dinner of baked sweet potatoes---bust them open and fill with brown sugar and butter---and some baked chicken. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE KALE TO BE GREENS.

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                    I prefer the "dino" kale myself- as a salad. I wash and then remove the stem- chiffonade and with a bit of champagne vinegar and lemon juice , finish with light s & p, let it sit 20 minutes and VOILA. Toss in : roasted pine nuts, cranberries, hydrated currants....re-season to taste.

                    1. re: OldJalamaMama

                      Dino/tuscan/lacinato kale is great with a Caesar salad dressing, too. Chiffonade, dress ahead of time to let it wilt a bit. If 100% kale is a bit strong for you, you can 50/50 with Romaine.
                      And as others have said: kale chips. So good.

                  2. I cook and love most all greens, but I just can't find anything to like about kale. I keep trying it every couple years or so and each time I am once again reminded of my dislike. Next time I'm tempted to give it another try I hope to remember that I vowed not to make it again, hopefully my memory won't trick me again. Give me collards over kale, mustard greens, chard, rapini, whatever, just no kale!

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                      Isn't it great there are so many options!

                    2. Again we run into the subjectivity of taste, uncommunicable directly to anyone without access to your tasting apparatus. Mrs. O does not like turnip or mustard greens, but collards and kale are more than welcome. She also hates chard/beet greens (same animal, basically), but she adores beets. Go figure …

                      What I do with greens is chop and soak them, then drain and drop into a hot pot with some olive oil. Add a multi-finger pinch of salt, stir and turn over high heat until the greens start wilting, cover, lower the heat and cook until done to your taste. Before Mrs. O read "Eating Animals" and decided not to do that anymore, there was usually chopped bacon involved in that first part. To me curly kale tastes slightly sweet as well as bitter - which I enjoy - and the dino kale sweeter and milder. If your tasting equipment reads it as too bitter or sour, then it does and there's nothing for it.

                      1. Uh ... it's perfectly okay not to like a food. No law says you have to like everything.

                        1. If you don't like the taste then you may never find a good recipe. I saute it with oil and garlic and serve with tamari. Don't over cook. I like green leafy things.

                          Best way to appreciate is get the smallest kale you are able to find. It is quite easy to grow from seed. I picked baby kale because I needed to thin out the rows. Ate it raw with a bit of oil and lemon, s+p. I loved it

                          Try omitting the stemmy parts and try again. Chop it fine. I love it in soup. I just read a previous post saying the opposite. Maybe you have a non-kale gene.

                          My Grandmother disliked kale because when she was young and the family had limited resources, kale was one of the few greens available. It was for "poor" families she told me at 90 years old. That stuck with her a long time. Her false teeth also influenced her to not want to eat kale again.