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Feb 2, 2012 02:09 PM

Breakfast in Tampa?

I've been researching lunch and dinner places in Tampa. I haven't seen any recommendations for breakfast in Tampa, only St. Petersburg. Anything chow worthy in Tampa proper? I'm at the Intercontinental. Specifically, I'm looking for Friday am breakfast.


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  1. Hey beetlebug,

    Were you able to find any place to grab a good brekie from?


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      It turned out that I didn't have access to a car. so, I walked to the strip mall next door to the Starbucks for a breakfast sandwich. It was fine but nothing I couldn't have gotten at home.

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        I don't know if this is still relevant for you but in downtown Tampa there are two places that I know that are good for breakfast.
        Samaria good food good prices love the mushroom swiss benedict
        502 North Tampa Street Tampa, FL 33602
        (813) 223-1674
        L'Eden french cafe best almond croissant (when they have them) ever.
        which is next door
        Hope this helps. Juli

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          Thanks juil5122! I don't head to Tampa till mid June this year and thanks much for this feedback.

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          Actually, the second day, we went to the Taco Bus for breakfast. I got non-breakfast tacos though and greatly enjoyed them.

          1. re: beetlebug

            Where does teh Taco bus park off too or is that an actual name of a indoor type resturant?

        3. I personally enjoy Pach's Place in South Tampa for breakfast. Quality breakfast at an affordable price: http://www.pachsplace.com/pachs/index...

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          1. re: carloseats

            Thanks carloseats for your feedback and the link as well so that I can quickly review. I will be staying in the Hyatt Downtown with a car.

            Are there any places that serve breaky that dont serve the traditional pancakes and egg places that anyone can recommend?

            1. re: TravelerBDA

              No problem! I'd also recommend this breakfast food blog in Tampa - lots of posts: http://www.tampabaybreakfasts.com/

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                Thanks again carloseats! I haven't been back to Tampa for a few good years and will be hitting up the city hard so breakie will have to fix my ill adivsed night before night caps. Any good grease places for those mornings where you've had one too many?

                1. re: TravelerBDA

                  Normally I can't take too much after a night where I've had too many without getting sick. I normally will just differ to IHOP for a grease soak lol.

                  1. re: carloseats

                    No worries and thanks! I dont have any Ihops or any chains where Im from but I have eatten at Ihops, denny's and villiage inns places.