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ABV Wine Bar on UES/East Harlem

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Just saw this placed opened a few days ago. Looks really promising for the neighborhood. Anyone been yet?

1504 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029

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  1. I've not been yet, but a neighbor and co-worker went a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it -- actually emailed from there to let me know about it.

    1. I went nearly every day the week they opened, but could never manage to get there before the kitchen closed. I'm told they'll have later hours going forward. The menu is a big change for East Harlem, not to mention the UES and I'm eager to sample a few of the items. They have a rather interesting wine and beer list, which I've sampled liberally. The staff has been especially patient and helpful in this regard, guiding my tastings with their knowledge and apt descriptions. The cocktail menu focuses on lightly alcoholic drinks, so you can enjoy quite a few of the really pleasant concoctions without getting too buzzed and they are really just the right ABV to get conversation rolling. Right now it seems to be a locals' haunt, which is terrific as the communal seating forces people to meet their neighbors and over a few Sippy Cup, these can be very friendly meetings indeed.

      1504 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029

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        Went the 2nd nite they were open and loved it. sat at the bar and tasted about 4 wines. their wines are sourced from distributors most people do not know. As a long time resident of the nabe, this is a real treat. the bartender knew her wines and the owner certainly does. can't speak for the food as we haven't tasted it yet.

      2. I've been meaning to try this latest development of a couple of very ambitious entrepreneurs. They are changing the eating scene in East Harlem, very much for the better. Thanks for the reports! I peeked in again after a first dinner at Judy's (Dominican) across the street a couple of nights ago...BTW: it was quite good, despite some weird and apparently inaccurate reviews on Yelp.

        1505 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029