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Feb 2, 2012 01:55 PM

Brownie Sundae??

Ok, I've searched the internet high and low, but I can't seem to find a place in the Austin area that boasts an ooey gooey warm Brownie topped with ice cream. I don't go out to eat a lot, so I don't know much about Austin eateries. Anyone know where I can get a good brownie with ice cream?

what I was trying to find was like a casual diner, where you'd usually go to get a cheeseburger and a shake (ridiculous portion sizes assumed), but a really good quality brownie chock full of chocolate. also, I don't want to have to order an entree to get the dessert...

thanks for all your help, I'm desperate for a brownie sundae!

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  1. Mangia Pizza has a surprisingly good gooey brownie with ice cream.

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      If you can catch Mangia on a good night, their Ooey Gooey brownie is to die for. They serve it with Amy's Mexican Vanilla. It's worth a trip just for the brownie, IMO. It's like a tiny Bundt cake full of chocolate goo, with a crispy, buttery chocolate brownie shell enveloping it.

      We get takeout from there though, and sometimes the brownie is too baked and has lost its goo, which transforms it from something splendid into something mediocre. Not sure if you would have this issue in person.

    2. Okay, this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I figured that I would go ahead and mention it. If you ever get a bunch of brownie sundae cravers together, Bucco de Bepo has a brownie sundae the size of your face. It's pretty good, and HUGE!!!

      1. Thanks for the tips guys! I'll have to try one of those. :D

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          While not a brownie specifically, I'd recommend the Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake with Vanilla bean ice cream at Chee Zee. A good place where it is normal to just order desert.

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            Oh that sounds almost perfect. :D

        2. I've seen something like this at Jack Allen's kitchen before. The desserts here are usually pretty good, as i recall. They rotate their dessert menu, so you might check first.