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Feb 2, 2012 01:50 PM

fried chicken in westchester

now that poultry time is but a vague memory, does any other place in westchester make very good fried chicken, have had stew leonards in an emergency but not thrilled, popeyes is good but should be able to find better, kfc is acceptable in a pinch

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  1. I have never had it but have heard decent things about Chicken Joes just over border in Greenwich near Miller Motor Cars

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    1. re: cubanat

      also a chicken joes in Newro, but haven't been there.

      1. re: cubanat

        have tried both the nuggets (excellent but greasy) and the fried chicken at chicken joe and garden catering- no poultry time. they are more of the junk food, guilty indulgence, rather than a meal of (admittedly) still guilty fried chicken. also they do offer much more than just chicken. i do really like the grilled chicken at the placw on main st. chicken gone wild, but never tried the fried food

      2. Chicken Joes and Garden Catering are basically the same. They have locations in Mamaroneck and Port Chester.