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Feb 2, 2012 01:14 PM

Take out in downtown Boulder?

I have a meeting in Boulder tomorrow and I'll be done around 4. Considering the weather, I'll probably want to pick up some food and head back to the hotel for the night. I'm staying at the Hotel Boulderado, and the food there doesn't sound enticing. Is there anything really good within easy walking distance-sandwiches, burgers, Indian, Thai, etc?



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  1. Q's and the Corner Bar at the Boulderado are both good. No great Indian or Thai within walking distance, but lots of other good options. Take-out is not a specialty of most of these places. For sandwiches, I'd walk a little further to Dish Gourmet, but if that's a little far, Il Caffe makes some good ones (both Dish and Caffe are take out places), as does the Kitchen Next Door. Decent pizza at Pizza Colore. Decent sushi at Zanmai (basically right at your hotel). Fried chicken and other southern food at Shug's (right across the street from your hotel). Huge takeout burritos at Illegal Pete's.

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      BTW, I should add that if you're interested in pub-ish food (you mentioned burgers) not sure why the Corner Bar doesn't sound enticing. It is really one of my go-to places for good food, decent atmosphere, and they always have a good beer-of-the-day special. And the bonus is you don't have to leave your hotel!

      Since I mentioned pizza colore (which is good basic NY style pizza), I realized I should have mentioned Pizzeria Locale, not sure if they do takeout or not, but damn that's some fine authentic neapolitan pizza. Really outstanding. If they don't do takeout, they have good bar seating options.

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        Thanks for all the recommendations. I didn't make it to Boulder today, due to the weather, but my trip has been rescheduled for next week. I don't know why the Corner Bar doesn't sound enticing, maybe just the disconnect between a web site and the bar itself? I might love the place if I walked by. Their sister restaurant Riffs Urban Fare looks interesting too.

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          The Corner Bar is what it is, but it doesn't feel like a hotel bar to me, if that is your concern. It's not fine dining, but doesn't aspire to be. I like it. Never tried Riff's, it's pretty new.

          But if you're looking for something more special (and not doing takeout because I assume the weather will be better(, the aforementioned Locale is worth a stop, The Kitchen, Salt, or if you've got more money to burn, L'Atelier or Frasca.

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        Well, all the recommendations were for naught. I ended up going out with a coworker Friday night, and most places had long waiting lists. We finally decided on Rueben's Burger Bistro, which made a really good Buffalo burger and has a great selection of Belgian beers if that's your thing. It's not mine. Service was fast, if clueless, definitely for the college crowd.

        I was taken out to breakfast on Saturday as well, to Turley's. I had no choice in the matter. I wanted to check out Lucile's but maybe next time. Turley's was nothing special, but at least we beat the crowd.

        Thanks again.


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          Bummer, those definitely aren't on the list of places I'd recommend. (Reuben's in particular is a mystery to me... the three times I've been there there's been so little care put into the food, I have no idea how they survive.) It's definitely a trick to get in somewhere on a Friday night; the best bet for downtown is often to put your name in at a few places on West Pearl (like Centro, Jax, Salt, Kitchen, etc.) and leave your cell phone number, then walk around on the Mall for a bit and go to wherever calls with an available table first. Or head east a bit to Zolo, Pizzeria Da Lupo, or one of the other places a little east of downtown that aren't quite as packed on a Friday night.

          Better luck next time!

      3. Since you mentioned some ethnic foods, I'll toss in Zoe Ma Ma. It's a fun little (and I mean little) noodle house on 10th street between Pearl and Spruce. Make sure and take advantage of the sauces and pastes they offer for spicing up your noodles/dumplings. see for the menu.

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          Zoe Ma Ma does sound worth checking out, exactly the kind of place that I like to hit when traveling. I lived in Taiwan and San Francisco, so I've eaten my share of "real" Chinese food. Thanks for the rec.