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Feb 2, 2012 01:05 PM

Florence - Modern Takes on Tuscan food

Going to Florence in March. I would like to try one of the restaurants featuring a more modern take on Tuscan cooking. During last years trip to Spain we really enjoyed places that were stretching the envelope but still connected to the local ingredients and culture of the region they were in. The contenders in Florence seem to be Osteria Personale, Ora D'Aria, and Ossi di Seppi. Does anyone have personal experience with these and if you have a preference, why? Osteria Personale's room looks more inviting on website but that can be misleading. Thanks.

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  1. Topping. Any help at all? Grazie.

    1. First of all, Ossi di Seppie closed, so we can take that off the list.

      It's hard to compare Osteria Personae and Ora d'Aria. While both feature excellent 'creative' cooking, they each do so in a very different way.

      Osteria Personale is the more casual of the two. The dining room is definitely warm and inviting, with a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The food is fantastic, and reasonably priced.

      Ora d'Aria is an entirely different experience. The dining rooms is formal, quite small, and open to the glassed in kitchen. The food is much more elaborate and labor intensive than Osteria Peronale, and the style of service is very much headed towards grabbing a Michelin star. It is also quite a bit more expensive.

      Hope this helps!

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        Thanks EM. Love your Florence App! We thought we might do 2 of the 3, one for lunch and one for dinner would one be better during daylight hours than the other?