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Feb 2, 2012 12:01 PM

Valentines Day in Tampa/ St Pete area

Hi all you foodies around here. Its time to start a new thread for Valentines day. The old one had some recommendations of places that do not even exist. So what do you say? I called Bern's and they are already booked for a couples table. Any place you all would recommend?

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  1. Cru Cellars is a good starting point for the evening.
    Provided you can still get a reservation, Mise en Place is a solid choice.
    Terra Sur Cafe is also a good selection.
    My wife loves Yoko's down in Palma Ceia.

    And if you're looking to sleep on the couch, there's always the drive thru bag from McD's...

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      I've seen Mise En Place over and over on this forum but didnt go to the site until now. Looks like a fantastic place to dine. TO bad its all full on reservations! great choice though. Keep the recommendations coming i need to find a good spot

      1. re: deet13

        Also if your wife like Yoko's i bet she will love Band Thai in CLearwater/Safety harbor

      2. Try Laughing Cat in Ybor City. Progressive Italian menu, delicious, and friendly. For Valentines, I'd call ahead ((813) 241-2998). This will always be my default favorite Tampa restaurant.

        Or, for a more "Hip" (some would say "Hipster") V-Day, call Ella's in Seminole Heights (813-234-1000), This is one of mt favorite places to eat in Tpa, but they're doing a special V-Day thing. I don't know what that means, so call.

        Or, also in Ybor, try La Terraza. It's more traditional Italian, and smaller. Call ahead ((813) 248-1326). It's less well known, and might not be booked yet. It's delicious.

        Wild Card Recommendation: Wimauama in S. Tampa (at 4205 S. MacDill, 813-793-1687). You can't Google this place, because it has the same name as a local township, but the food here is great. The service is...dicey, but I think it's worth it. The Chef here has real vision.