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Feb 2, 2012 11:51 AM

Best Pad Thai in Boulder

I want to recommend the best Pad Thai in Boulder. I've visited every restaurant that offers pad thai in boulder (there's at least 8), and there are two that come out on top for me. The #1 pad thai in boulder is from Thai Avenue in the food court on the hill. Not only is it the cheapest ($7), but it's always hot and fresh and you can watch them make it right in front of you.
My second favorite is from May Wah in the plaza on the corner of Baseline and Broadway. It's only $8 for lunch and you get a huge portion. It's a little different than the P.T. from Thai Ave, because it's a darker, thicker sauce, but still very good for the price. I also really like the chicken they put in their PT because it's marinated or something, really tasty!

Ahoy Aloo or whatever it's called on Canyon and 28th is good, but it's way too expensive (I think $12 lunch) Get their Chef's Special noodle, or Srirachi Noodle instead.

Chez Thuy is the worst pad thai in boulder, don't even think about getting it. I've been dissapointed twice there because the noodles were so overcooked, it was just a pile of mush. They do however have the best Pho and lots of other great dishes, but that's for another thread topic...

Any comments?

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  1. Thanks for the review. Curious where Khow Thai falls in the spectrum, since a lot of folks claim that they have the best Thai food in Boulder generally. (I've never had the "real thing" in Thailand, so I can't really vouch for what's authentic.) Also, how about Elephant Hut?

    I absolutely agree with your opinions on Aloy Thai and Chez Thuy. It's too bad Aloy Thai's portions are so skimpy; their food is good, but the servings are so small that you really feel ripped off. I spent $30 for takeout for two last time, and when finished my wife and I had to eat a "second dinner" since we were nowhere near satisfied. The grilled steak in particular was almost comical, it was literally probably 3 ounces of steak with nothing else - no veggies, rice, etc. - for $10.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. Just tried Thai Avenue and never would have without your review. I did take out and didn't eat it for an hour or so, which I know isn't ideal. Still, even with it sitting around for a while, it had good flavor, good portion size, and was cheap! Less than $18 for Pad Thai, Green Curry, and crab cheese wontons.