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Feb 2, 2012 10:36 AM

Nj Monthly names Top Italian Restaurants

I'm wondering everyone's thoughts on these. The only ones I've been to are the ones close to me, Anjelica's and Undici. While both can be enjoyable, I wouldn't say they are the best I've ever had.

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  1. The only ones we have been to were Angelica's, good; and Spano's, BAD. But from what I have heard NJ Monthly will only rate advertisers, so....

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    1. re: rcript

      That's always an issue with such articles. How much do restaurants really pay to have their places acclaimed as top notch?

    2. I can safely and happily say that I have been to none of these. I agree that they are most likely picked from a list of advertisers and therefore not indicative of all Italian restaurants in NJ.

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      1. re: ttoommyy

        Spano's is fair at much for njmonthly ratings!

      2. The article in NJ Monthly does not name the top Italian restaurants in the state. It says, quite clearly, "here are 16 of our favorites". It so happens that two of my favorites - Due Mari and Eno Terra - are on the list. It also happens that a couple are not on the list.

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        1. re: ambrose

          Advertising aside there are some really good restaurants on this list and if you are heading outside of your "home" area you might like these

          I woudl heartily recommend Anjelico's (even w/out Frank), Panevino, Patsy's, Undici, Due Mari, Porto Leggero, Uncle Vinnie's - all are fine places to eat with unique qualities

          1. re: carlylecat

            OK. Mea culpa. I didn't see Porto Leggero when I first read the list. Although I've not been to it (even though it is one town over from where I live) Ive been told by friends that it is very good.