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Feb 1, 2012 04:02 PM

Good diner toast in Allston-Brighton?

i'm hoping someone may have tried Athans in Brighton Center for breakfast, since i just found out that they have a real breakfast menu. My wish is to find out if they serve a good breakfast with some decent bread (The Spot in Watertown and Deluxe Diner are so far the only two places I've found that pay attention to the bread at all). Since you know all things Allston/Brighton, JO, I'm hoping you'll be the guinea pig and try the breakfast option there. Anybody?

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  1. You're going to have to be the guinea pig yourself, I'm afraid - Brighton Center isn't really within our regular stomping grounds, and in any case Jenny Ondioline is unlikely to be interested in checking out that branch of Athans, because he hasn't ever liked anything he's had from the Washington Square shop, and won't go there any more.

    1. What about Victors?

      Victor's Diner
      214 N Beacon St, Watertown, MA 02472

      Allston Diner
      431 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02134

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      1. re: okra

        Victor's is great, but I don't remember their bread being notable. Ditto for Breakfast Club on Western Ave.

        1. re: Allstonian

          Breakfast Club has perfectly fine scali toast, eggs usually not far off the mark, serviceable sausage & bacon, but the homefries need some TIME, man.

      2. Have you tried Tresca's in Watertown (behind the CVS / Stellina's)? I seem to remember their whole grain toast being good and their omelettes are ginormous.

        1. Just to clarify, by "this neighborhood," I should specify that Allstonian and I live near Packards Corner. So I'm thinking in terms of places between, say, Babcock and Union Square. Victor's is great, but I ain't walking to Watertown for breakfast.

          There are diners that serve eggy breakfasts in that neighborhood -- Cookin' Cafe, Steve's, @Union -- but none of them are any damn good. (To be fair, I like @Union as a coffee place, but the breakfasts are disappointing. I haven't had breakfast at Refuge, either, for that matter, though I love it as a coffee place.) That's why I'm pulling so hard for Allston Diner to succeed: the neighborhood desperately needs a good breakfast!

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          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            No kidding! I'll have to try this place out sometime, as the neighborhood could really use a good breakfast joint.

          2. Uncommon Grounds in Watertown has good sourdough. Henrietta's Table (for breakfast, not brunch) has tasty cranberry-pecan bread. It reminds me of Nashoba Brook Bakery's bread.

            I'm interested in hearing about Althan's, too, since we're always looking for new breakfast places. I haven't been wowed by their baked goods, either, but they may well be worth checking out for a meal.

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            1. re: bear

              ok, we'll try it and report back. I like their almond butter cookies and their lemon teacake and their bread is serviceable if not up to clear flour's standard. so we'll see.